Memorial Wall

We have created this space to pay homage to, honor, and remember our little ones, family members, relatives, and loved ones we have lost recently or over the years. If you would like to add your memorial to our wall, please e-mail us and we'll add it to the wall. Please include all the pertinent information like names, dates, and a message if you like (please no more than 500 words, spell checked). We extend our deepest sympathies to your families. You can use the search below to find your specific memorial or browse through the pages.

We lost Jacob Alexander Morin

We lost Jacob Alexander Morin on October 5, 2001 to necrotizing entercollitis. He was only 18 days old. He was born at 27 weeks but was a strong baby -- a fighter! He taught me to be strong and not to give up on myself, life or anything for that matter, even when others have.

Jacob, you are forever in our hearts, we miss you and love you very much. We know you are in Heaven and watching us from up above. You hurt no more my baby.
   -- Love, Mom

To our little man Chase

To our little man Chase. You were taken from us too soon on February 5, 2001. Our family has a missing piece that will never be filled. I know you are with the angels now, smiling down on all of us. We miss you Mr. Chase "Candy" C. We love you!
   --Your Family

In memory of my boys

In memory of my boys. William Tice Weber August 19, 1996 20 1/2 weeks
Cade Patterson Clement June 7, 2002 22 weeks
Sleep sweet babies in our Father's arms until we join you in Heaven someday.
I miss you and I love you.
   --Mommy (Michelle Clement)