Memorial Wall

We have created this space to pay homage to, honor, and remember our little ones, family members, relatives, and loved ones we have lost recently or over the years. If you would like to add your memorial to our wall, please e-mail us and we'll add it to the wall. Please include all the pertinent information like names, dates, and a message if you like (please no more than 500 words, spell checked). We extend our deepest sympathies to your families. You can use the search below to find your specific memorial or browse through the pages.

Dear Merideth

Dear Merideth,
Not a day goes by that I don't think of you or what should have been. Not a day goes by that I'm not sorry for what happened, my sweet little angel. I will never forget you and I look forward to the day when I will be able to hold you in my arms finally. My heart aches for you every day. I know Mark, Laura and Grandpas Schutz and Griego are with you in heaven.You were sent back to heaven on March 22, 2002 and not one single day since then has been the same without you.
   --Love, Mommy

Jayden Scott

Jayden Scott
due date - May 28, 2002
became an angel - November 2, 2001

My darling angel, even though you aren't here with me physically, everyday I feel you here spiritually. I love you more than words can ever say, and I hope you are happy up there.

My love for you will never end
You'll always be a part of me
As long as time keeps on passing by
You'll always be my baby boy

All my love to you hunny
Mummy XXOO

To baby Gavin

To baby Gavin,
Your Angel face remains forever etched in our minds and in our hearts until the day we join you. Gavin, you have helped Mommy make a difference in this world. You have allowed me to help other little children and Mommies as well. I'm so grateful for you. Not a day goes by where I haven't ached to have you in my arms, or to kiss your sweet face one more time. Gavin died due to a uterine rupture at 36 weeks on August 17, 1997. With so much love my baby boy!

This is also in memory of our second child that we miscarried. We love you and miss you too (February 1996). With all our love to our Skybabies! Mommy, Daddy, Georgie, Kira and baby brother Gannon (thank you for sending Gannon to us, making him well again, and helping us heal).