Memorial Wall

We have created this space to pay homage to, honor, and remember our little ones, family members, relatives, and loved ones we have lost recently or over the years. If you would like to add your memorial to our wall, please e-mail us and we'll add it to the wall. Please include all the pertinent information like names, dates, and a message if you like (please no more than 500 words, spell checked). We extend our deepest sympathies to your families. You can use the search below to find your specific memorial or browse through the pages.

I never got to hear your little heart

I never got to hear your little heart beat or feel you move, but you were still a part of me, deep inside my womb. You left without a goodbye on October 25, 2002 at 12 weeks 6 days. Though nearly a year has passed and another baby is on it's way, you will be in my heart forever and always.
Love you, Mommy

In Memorial of our sweet angel baby, Keely Hannah

In Memorial of our sweet angel baby, Keely Hannah. On April 01, 2002, God called our precious little angel, Keely Hannah at 4 weeks by early miscarriage back to take her place among Him and his Angels once more and giving us a Guardian Angel to watch over us.

One quiet day you left our lives to join
In the heavenly choir in the sky
We weep at not having you with
Us anymore but rejoice in knowing
That you are in God's care now.

We Love you Keely Hannah! Thank you for watching over us and we are forever in remembrance that you're leaving us to join God, that we were given Brendon to watch over here on Earth. Mommy (Michelle), Daddy (Ron), Big Brother Dylan and Baby Brother Brendon miss you dearly and know you will always be here in our hearts forever.
-- Michelle "Mish" Enfield

In memory of our baby angel Hannah Grace Dailey

In memory of our baby angel Hannah Grace Dailey. Mommy, Daddy, Nan and Papa miss you and love you very much. I was almost 35 weeks along with Hannah. I got a blood clot in my placenta and went into premature labour. Hannah was born still. Hannah was so tiny (2lbs, 15oz) her umbilical cord got wrapped around her neck and cut off her circulation. Her birthday is April 5, 2003. It is just over 5 months. I still go to the cemetery every day. I do not want to let go of my baby. We wanted Hannah so much. We will never forget you. You are Mommy's best friend. I love you my sunshine. Hugs and kisses to heaven.