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Looking to liven things up at the dinner table?
Liven things up at the dinner table with this fam-favorite with a bit of a Southwestern flair: Recipe: Chipotle mashed sweet potatoes. Try it and see if it is a hit with your taste palate! Let us know!
Are your kids grumbling?
If you have school-age kids, you've likely heard a bit of grumbling about the new lunch program. Are you curious about what's up with the changes? Read "New school lunches get mixed reviews" to discover what's behind the federal mandates, enabling you to better evaluate your own child's nutritional needs to get them through the day!
Want another look?
There was a lot happening this week at! Each week we have our "Weekly Round-up" to allow you to catch something you may have missed or to revisit a favorite again for another peek. Here's what we served up this week:
Want to go "green" this Halloween?
Store shelves are stacked high with loads of costumes, decorations, treats, and more -- each carrying a rather hefty carbon footprint. Why not try to "Have a frightfully green Halloween this year? Learn ways that you can go "eek"-o-friendly without reducing the fun! Don't forget to let us hear your own tips within the comment section!
Can you take our breast stroke challenge?
Let's be blunt. Breast cancer can be deadly. Early detection, however, can save a life -- your mom's, your sister's, your best friend, your daughter… your own. Take a moment to read "Save a breast -- do the stroke" then turn and share it with others, encouraging them to do the same. While we don't have the power to eliminate breast cancer, we can reduce its ability to take one of our own.
Need a maternity costume for Halloween?
Think being pregnant limits your choices for dressing up this Halloween? Think again! We found that it seemed to open even more options that full of fright and delight! Check out "Trending costumes for pregnant gals" and let us know what you choose!
Do you celebrate Halloween?
Yes! We may dress up in costume, trick-or-treat, decorate, or all the above!!
100% (2 votes)
No, but we opt in for an alternative (Fall/Harvest Festival, Samhain, Night of Lights, etc.)
0% (0 votes)
No, we ignore. It is just another day for our family.
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Total votes: 2
We need your help!
Did you read our article, "Folic Acid Critical for Early Embryonic Development"? We are looking now for members to add your own words of support for future expectant parents within our comment section! Hearing from you may be the advice that sways them to add folate to their diet! Help us help others as a part of our campaign to raise awareness of spina bifida!
Toddler tragically dies after falling from home balcony
Last week, two-year-old Rihana Bralic Leonard of Surrey, managed to get onto the balcony of her family's ninth floor apartment, climbed out onto the ledge and tragically fell to her death. This is a parent's worst nightmare!
Pregnant Mom Delivers Her Own Baby After Hospital Sends Couple Home
When Josh and Stephanie Ihnen went to the hospital Tuesday, they didn't think they'd be holding their baby in their arms anytime soon. They were told that their baby's birth wasn't imminent. Surprise!
Celebrity Round-Up: Births, Divorces and Unwelcome Outings!
This week's round-up includes "Housewives," births, divorce and unwelcome outings! Could it get any better? Ready for the buzz? Let's go!
Boy Creates "Lick-it List" for His Dying Service Dog
Here's a story that's sure to pull at your heart-strings. A service dog who is dying is spending her last days under the most loving of circumstances.
Pregnancy Memories Gone "Wild" and Just a Bit Eccentric
Everyone wants to have mementos of their pregnancy. So we make belly casts, document our pregnancy with plenty of pictures, frame our ultrasounds, and get 3D, 4D ultrasounds.

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Wordless Wednesday: Coach Teaches Kid Good Manners Miles in the Sky
We can all take a lesson from this lacrosse coach. Seeing one of his students behaving badly while boarding their team's flight, he had him write an apology to the airline and fellow passengers and read it aloud.
Four-Year-Old Hero Who Saved Drowning Girl Dies
The selfless act of a four-year-old turns tragic as the hero didn't make it. Read about the amazing Xander Vento and the tough decision his parents had to make.
Celebrity Round-Up: Weddings for Brangelina and Justin Timberlake?
This week's celebrity round-up could be ringing with the sound of wedding bells...maybe! See what's the latest buzz. Will Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt finally tie the knot? Let's find out!
09/10/2013 - 09:32
Today is honestly a celebration of all of the wonderful people we have shared this journey with -- from conception to parenthood and beyond! Thank you to all of our incredible members over the years and all we've met on our social channels for your support! Finally - a special shout out to a few amazing women (you know who you are!!) that I am grateful to count as both blessings and friends. You continue to inspire me! Happy 12th Birthday! ~Missy Join us on Facebook Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest!
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It's a boy! Congratulations are in order for the royal family today! Welcome to the world little Prince!
07/12/2013 - 02:10
As the temperatures rise, what better way to beat the heat than by hosting a "make your own ice cream concoction" party?! What's your favorite flavor?
07/04/2013 - 11:52
Enjoy your celebration of our freedoms! Top Ten Fourth of July Activities for Families
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