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Are you finished with your holiday shopping?
Expectant moms and gift shopping can require a bit of extra planning. View our "Pregnant Gal's Guide to Last Minute Gift Shopping" for useful advice to maximize your shopping pleasure!

How do you approach holiday gift shopping – try to get it all in one fell swoop or several shorter trips?
Did you forget something?
This year, avoid the rush to try and remember what you forgot! (Those of you that are guilty of doing this know exactly what I'm talking about!) Read "Last minute holiday checklist for busy mom!" THIS year, you'll be on top of it all (or at least be able to pull it off a bit more smoothly!)

What was the worst thing you forgot in your holiday hoopla?
Cold outside? Check these kids' safety tips for winter fun!
Winter certainly doesn't mean that your kids need to turn into couch potatoes! Still, you will want to take precautions before you turn them out. Check our "Winter safety for kids – don't turn into a "kidscicle!"

Do you live in a climate with lots of snow? What is your family's favorite outdoor activity during the winter season?
Need ideas to keep kids busy?
Are you seeking ideas to keep the kids occupied? Try our "Winter holiday crafts for kids of all ages!"

Which idea is your favorite?
Who's coming to dinner?
It's almost time! Visit our "Christmas holiday dinner and countdown" to help you stay on track!

Who's coming for dinner? Extended family? Friends?
Do family feuds mar your holiday?
Is your family's "holly, jolly Christmas" more like "the Grinch Stole Christmas? When your yearly family gathering turns bad, it ruins everyone's mood. This year read "Avoiding the annual holiday family free-for-all" to make YOUR holiday bright!

What tends to be the trigger for holiday feuds in your family?
Trying to stretch your holiday budget?
The holidays are upon us and perhaps that end of the year bonus you were expecting didn't quite make it! We have some last minute tips on "Stretching your holiday dollar in today's economy" to help you out.

When do you wrap gifts? As you buy or all at once?
Struggling after the CT tragedy?
The horrible massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary continues to leave us struggling. Read "Healing from tragedy -- help for parents after Sandy Hook" for suggestions to help you (and your kids) through the coming days.

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As the temperatures rise, what better way to beat the heat than by hosting a "make your own ice cream concoction" party?! What's your favorite flavor?
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Enjoy your celebration of our freedoms! Top Ten Fourth of July Activities for Families
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