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Folic acid is very important for your baby's development in the womb - even before conception! Did you know, in addition to prenatal vitamins, you can find natural food sources rich in folate?
During pregnancy, did your doctor discuss...?
Hearing the words "spina bifida" can be frightening for any expectant parent… even in reference to testing. Within today's article, "Types of Spina Bifida", you can gain a greater understanding of risk factors, types, prevention steps, and possible treatment options.

Has your medical caregiver discussed testing for spina bifida?

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When TTC, did you...?
Were you aware that spina bifida affects nearly 1,300 births every year in the U.S.? As you are, (or were), trying to conceive, did you take steps to prevent this birth defect?
Illegal for kids to play unsupervised?
Good grief! You have to read this one: Mom sues police and neighbor after she is arrested for letting her kids play outside

Short version: Mom allowed her 2 children, ages 9 and 6 to ride their scooters on their quiet cul-de-sac in front of their home. Mom claims that she was sitting in their front yard watching the whole time. A neighbor, however, made a report to police that the kids were outside unsupervised riding their scooters in the street. Police came and arrested the mom -- charging her with child endangerment!! She was kept in jail overnight for 18 hours.


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Do you answer the phone?
I signed up for the "Do Not Call" list years ago but quickly learned just how ineffective it is! Calls from or "on behalf" of political organizations, charities, and anyone wanting to do a survey -- all can call. Any business that I "established a relationship with" (i.e. made a purchase... have 18 months from my *last* purchase OR payment to contact. Many have the habit of sharing their contact lists with other "partners." Oh, and let's not forget creditors and collection agencies looking for a long lost relative, "friend", or someone that used to have your phone # or address that don't believe you when you claim you have no idea who they are talking about! Then there are an endless list of "businesses" (read SCAMMERS!) that don't seem to give a flip about what laws they are breaking -- calling from multiple spoofed #s, that get reported repeatedly to no avail.

It is these latter ones in particular that annoy me! I have won a cruise multiple times (I have to say that I do appreciate hearing the horn <--insert rolling eyes); could lower my interest rate (on credit cards that I don't have!); sign up for dental insurance; have my roof replaced -- for "FREE!"; oh -- and extend my car warranty (that was gone LONG ago.) All I would have to do is send them my bank account and social security #s (to have them direct deposit of course!)... or I could wire them the money (just to cover the shipping cost I'm sure for my winnings!)

I'm a busy person as I'm sure most of us are. I would have to say that we receive approx. 5 - 10 of these each day. I almost feel as if my phone is being held hostage -- or we are! I don't have time nor the inclination to talk with these folks who do not seem to understand the definition of the word N-O! Throughout the day I am finding that I simply do not want this continuous interruption to my work and family time. Thus, I tend to screen my calls vs. answering the phone when it rings. If I do not recognize the # on Caller ID and the person does not leave a message identifying themselves as someone that I want/need to talk to -- I don't answer.

What about you? Do you answer all of your calls or screen them? Are you getting slammed with calls for solicitations, surveys, or scams?

My only concern -- can someone please tell Publisher's Clearing House to PLEASE leave a message to tell me I've won $5000 / day for life? I promise... I'll call you back!

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After delivery: What was your experience?
A generation or two ago, new moms spent one to two weeks in the hospital after delivery. Today's moms generally spend 1 - 2 days post-delivery. Those opting to deliver in a birthing center may be there for only a few hours. Home-births? None at all! How much time did YOU spend in the hospital after delivery? Would you have preferred more or less?

Check out "Plan ahead for baby's first weeks at home." What did you find helpful during those first days (weeks?) at home with your newborn? Was there anything specific you would have wished for that could have made things easier for you? Click on "Show Conversation" to comment here or add your responses on the article!
Kids' future -- better off or less opportunity?
I heard of a poll a few weeks back asking parents the question: "Do you feel that your children's future will be better off or present less opportunities?" Parents were asked to consider things for their kids such as their future for jobs, income potential, debt, ability to own a home, determine their own family size, be a stay at home parent (if they wanted to), whether *they* will be able to enjoy retirement, etc.

Since that time, I have been tossing this topic around in my mind. Generally, each generation wishes "better" for their children. Do you have faith that your kids will be able to reach that goal?

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Anniversary Round-up! What would you like to see?
Thank you for celebrating our 11th Anniversary with us! There is still time to participate! Visit any, (or all!), of the links below:

Scavenger Hunt!
Moms supporting moms -- it takes a website
Five favorite things our members love about us
What's your favorite memory?
It's our 11th anniversary -- where do we go from here?

What would you like to see included in next year's celebration?
Bar Owner Installs Pregnancy Test Dispenser for Unique Campaign
Here's a new and interesting idea that might get some traction! A bar owner in Minnesota has installed a pregnancy test dispenser in his women's restroom. Women can purchase the $3 pregnancy tests with signage reading, "Think Before You Drink."
Wordless Wednesday: Flower Girl Takes a Nap During Wedding Ceremony
This week's Wordless Wednesday's video hits close to home for me. You see, my oldest son is getting married this Saturday and my youngest will be the ring bearer. It also happens to be an evening wedding. See what the video unfolds!
Math Nerd Figures Out Exact Chances to Conceive a Baby
Richie Cotton is a self-described math nerd. He's also a fan of math and charts. He and his girlfriend are trying to conceive so he compiled a chart to his girlfriend and himself figure out how long it will take them to conceive. Doesn't everyone have a partner like that?
Children Left Alone in Cars Increases at Alarming Rates
It's not hard to imagine this as a common scenario. The baby finally fell asleep in her car seat. Mom or dad just needs to run into the store for "a minute." A minute turns into 20. That’s all it took for their baby to die of heat stroke. Hard to believe this can happen? Believe it! Three children died last week in this same scenario.

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Celebrity Round-Up: Sir Elton John, Suri, Toddlers and Tiaras
This week's celebrity round-up brings you updates on the adventures of Suri Cruise, Toddlers and Tiaras fiascos and Katherine Jackson given full custody of Michael Jackson's children.
Google Chrome Extension Allowed to Block Facebook Baby Pictures
Google Chrome has extensions for pretty much anything. Their latest allows Facebook to block your baby pictures. I find it hard to believe that every single one of my 700+ Facebook friends doesn't want to enjoy every picture I've ever posted of my babies. Even if they love you, they may not love all your pictures.
A Mother's Love Spans Species: Mama Bear Helps Another Mama Bear
You've heard the phrase, "It takes a village" to raise our children. In our pick for this week's Wordless Wednesday, here is proof that the power of a mother's love spans species and that when danger arises, even in nature, mothers are there for each other.
J.K. Rowling's Kids Get Two Hundred Thousand Dollar Tree Houses
You'd think it would be treat enough to have bedtime stories told to you by J.K. Rowling, better known as "Mum" or "Mummy" to her 7 and 9-year-olds. Her kids get another huge bonus -- tree houses that cost as much as real ones.
04/05/2013 - 11:01
You'll love this one: Top 10 Ways to Get Him into Babymaking! Presented direct from a guy's point of view it offers practical advice wrapped in a touch of humor that is bound to appeal. Let me know what you think of the advice... and better yet, show us your positive home pregnancy test pic in a few weeks!
04/03/2013 - 14:02
What are your favorite spring cleaning solutions? Are you "green" or use the old-fashioned stuff? Where do you start?
01/21/2013 - 17:19
Create your own free custom baby registry now through! As you prepare to welcome your new addition, you can easily select and add the gifts you wish from any store. Your family and friends will appreciate having options they know you'll love -- all in one spot! Ready? Click to create your baby registry now!
01/08/2013 - 18:06
Create your own free custom registry now through! Whether you're expecting a new baby or preparing for another special occasion, (birthday, new home, etc.), you can easily select and add the gifts you wish from any store. Your family and friends will appreciate having options they know you'll love -- all in one spot! Ready? Create your registry now! (You can return at any time by clicking on "Tools" in the top navigation bar and selecting the Registry option.
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