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Choose the right foods while pregnant

With so many different sets of advice available for women who want to eat well during pregnancy, it can be difficult to navigate the various options and opinions.

How to gain weight safely during your pregnancy

While most women are thrilled to find out they're expecting, almost none of them look forward to the weight gain they'll inevitably experience during pregnancy.

6 standard childbirth procedures that may do more harm than good

All new moms want the comfort of knowing they're in good hands during the final hours of their pregnancy in which they are most vulnerable. Unfortunately, there are still many outdated delivery room procedures that may hinder your delivery rather than help.

Minimize your morning sickness with these helpful hints

Morning sickness, also known as nausea gravidarum, is that special type of nausea that occurs during

Ginnifer Goodwin announces pregnancy in time for the holidays

At least one celeb will have something extra special to feel thankful for this Thanksgiving - actress Ginnifer Goodwin announced last week that she's expecting her first child!

Medical researchers identify 'lifestyle changes' that may lead to safer pregnancies

There are many factors that could lead to a complicated pregnancy, but medical researchers have identified a few that may be avoidable.

Is it a boy or a girl? 10 ways to guess your baby's gender

Have a little fun guessing your baby's gender with these tried-but-not-so-true ways to tell if you're expecting a baby girl or a baby boy.

Vegan and pregnant: Is it healthy?

Having a vegan pregnancy is perfectly possible, however there may be special considerations you'll need to be aware of.

5 ways to keep yourself well during pregnancy

Here are five tips to keep you feeling healthy and strong while you're pregnant.

Pregnant celebrities share their cravings

Pregnancy brings on many changes in the body, and the often indulgent, occasionally odd food cravings that pregnant women experience comprise one of the most common.

New delivery method conceptualized by auto mechanic may help ease birthing process

An auto mechanic from Argentina is dabbling in the field of gynecology and obstetrics, and both the World Health Organization and United States Agency for International Development are thanking him for his efforts.

Why you need protein during pregnancy

Protein contains the amino acids that help your baby's cells develop, and are a critical part of your baby's brain development.

5 ways to relax while pregnant

Most health experts council pregnant women to make sure they make time for relaxation within their regular routine.

'George' among most popular baby names in 2013

The British royal family is known for setting trends, and Kate Middleton's pregnancy has certainly provided no exception.

Pregnant celebrities opt for down-to-earth approach

Despite the joys that accompany pregnancy, carrying a child is undoubtedly demanding, both physically and emotionally.