About Your Man

  • This crazy feeling of mine!

    This feeling of mine that I have..you my friend, FT are just not it. Yes you are a lovely person with a beautiful personality. There is no denying that.

  • Not as involved as I want him to be and other ranting

    So...my husband loves me, I know this. But besides saying he was surprised, happy, and proud of me and about me being pregnant, he's not really involved.

  • Top 10 Holiday Gifts for the Expectant Dad!

    It's almost time for Santa to make his way down the chimney and you're stumped about what to get the expectant dad on your list. We've done some shopping and came up with what we think are some pretty fun gifts for that daddy-to-be!

  • Prego my Ego

    Is it normal to feel like your husband just can't seem to do anything right?

  • Our heart beats...

    Date: 28-11-2011

  • My Hubby <3

    My boyfriend and I have been dating for two years now, and I am going on 22 weeks of being pregnant. We were not expecting to conceive so early but we don't regret it either.

  • I am so Excited I'm pregnant and ready for my first!!

    I am so excited about having a baby. I once was pregnant before this and had a miscarriage. I was in pain and had to go through the miscarriage naturally.

  • Damon the love of my life

    I am so blessed and greatful for Damon. We have been married for 7 years this October 2nd but have been together since 1998!

  • How Do We Limit Relationship Stress After the Baby Arrives?

    Conflicts skyrocket after birth; 90% of couples report a drop in relationship satisfaction after their first child; perpetual issues appear more frequently post-birth. Learn how you can beat the odds and make your fantasies-of-post-baby-relationship-bliss become reality.

  • Bonding with Your Baby in Utero

    It's very rare to hear a man talk about how he bonded with his baby whilst it was still in the womb. For that matter I think the majority of men don't feel a strong bond with their baby for several weeks or even months. Why is this the case? What can we do about it?

  • Our heart beats...

    Date: 28-11-2011

  • Miscarriage: How Men Can Deal with It

    Loss of an unborn baby often affects men and women in a very different way especially if the loss is in the early staa woman knows she is pregnant she will start thinking about the embryo as a real person -- one with a face, fingers, toes and a name. Guys on the other hand...

  • Pelvic Rest: Getting Your Partner on Board


    I'm 12 weeks pregnant and experiencing some complications. I've been put on pelvic rest. How do I get my husband to understand that it means nothing can enter? The rest is till 13-14 weeks so there are another 1 -2 weeks yet.

    I don't really have the interest in sex right now either. How can I convey that so he understands?


  • Waiting Welton's

    Today we went to the hospital to have a second ultra-sound and some blood work done. My fiancée made plans to go into work late, again, so that he could be present for the fascinating "picture show". There was lots of questions and paperwork, and Kris really wasn't thrilled with sitting through all of that, but as soon as they put the jelly on my belly he was in a trance. He stared at the monitor, waiting for the "show" to start. When the ultra-sound machine touched my belly, there was a quick arm movement from baby.

  • Prego my Ego

    Is it normal to feel like your husband just can't seem to do anything right?

  • What Not to Say to Your Pregnant Woman!

    Okay boys, your wife is pregnant and things are starting to get interesting. The hormones are kicking in and things can get a little bit dicey. There are so many areas of discussion that can get you into hot water. Here are few typical issues faced by the unassuming dad-to-be.

  • Guys, Empathy and the First Trimester


    We are nine weeks pregnant and I feel like @#$#@. My husband doesn't get it. His attitude is that since I don't "look" pregnant then I shouldn't be complaining.

    I'll be honest. Right now I AM a grouch after feeling exhausted, nauseous 24/7, and then trying to juggle my normal routine (at work and home.)

    I don't expect him to make it better but can't a guy have SOME sympathy?

    Grouchy in Maryland