Getting Bigger

Well I'm just about 6 mos. And now I'm starting to show a little. I feel the baby kick more and more every day and I'm still tring to adjust to being pregnant again. My tummy showing is making it all real again. My daughters are so excited that there is a baby coming. My 4 yr old keeps saying "mommy your tummies getting bigger"... lol she's so silly.

Life is getting crazy but I love it!!

I'm pregnant with my fourth.. Yes my fourth. Eleven weeks in and we are getting ready to move five hours away. In february. With a 2,3, and 6 year old. Pregnant for my fourth and my chihuahua just had five puppies.. Life is crazy.. So I bet your wondering how I deal with it?? Simple.. My husband helps and I just stopped being so picky. My house doesn't have to be spotless.

Trying to Conceive

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My husband and I got married Nov 8th, 2010 and we have decided it is probably time to start trying. I am in school and work a part-time job and he is in the USAF. There is going to be a waiting list for the program I want to do, so now is better than ever if I am going to have a break anyways from school.

What to think!

I thought with my second I wouldn't be so parinoid and worried! Needless tosay last week on Jan 21st I took a at home pregnancy test and it was positive as well was the one the morning of the 22nd. I am excited to have another child could feel more blessed. My breast hurt but that has gone, I did have a very tiny smug of blood on the 23rd evening but it wasn't much.

Is it just me?!

Hey I'm Nikkie. I'm 3 weeks pregnant, an have thee worst morning sickness, headaches, light cramping, an no sex drive. Tired 24/7 and crabby towards everybody.. Sad The day after I conceived, I started getting these signs. Is that normal?!? My due date is Sept. 25th. I'm always hungry, but can't eat cuz' I get sick to my stomach. What will help with this?