Missed period

Ok I have 2 kids already and I missed my period this week so I took a pregency test and it came back positive and I dont really want to go to the doctor because I know there just going to judge me like they did the last 2 times I got pregent..I told my husband and he dont know what to do I just want to know when should I go to the doctor to verify that I am really pregnant I have been having all k


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I've been obsessed with names basically my whole life. I remember reading my mom's baby name book before I went to sleep when I was in elementary school. When I started writing I dove more deeply into the name books to find and create names for characters. The idea that a name can be "right" or "wrong" for a person has always been fascinating to me. You can fit the stereotype of your name or spend your whole life fighting against it.

when does the worry end

We have been trying for over a year and have been pregnant twice since January, now we are working on number 3 attempt and I am a wreck.. every twinge of pain, every drop of discharge is like its own mini nightmare.. I am soooo afraid all the time to even go pee, always afraid I will see blood or NOT... the last miscarriage there was no blood, until after the procedure.. I feel like even if I had an ultrasound every single monday I won't feel comfortable with this working out until the baby is born...

No symptoms- what about you?

Hi Everyone- I am a newly expecting mother and I was wondering if I should expect any sort of symptoms at 6 weeks preggers? I am not tired, I dont have any crazy cravings and I havent felt nauseous yet. Is it a little to early to have symptoms or am I just one of those really lucky people? How did you feel at 6 weeks? My first dr's appointment isnt til August 19th so I didnt want to wait that long to ask these questions. WOOHOOO

Thanks ladies!

one baby, two baby

Double the trouble.

Being a teenager is hard everyone knows it. Drama is hard, gossip is hard, the emotions are hard. Being a pregnant teen is hard no one can deny it. disaproval is hard, the emotions are hard, the looks are unbareable. I am EXTREMELY greatful for my family, my friends and the way i was raised. Espically now that i found out im pregnant with twins.