Could I be pregnant?

I went to my gynocologist 2 weeks ago because I suspected that I was pregnant. The cyst that froms each month in case the woman gets pregnant had burst (normal) on my right side but remained on my left ovary. My husband and I had had unprotected sex about 1 week prior to that apponintment, so about 3 weeks ago. Because of that last incident, my gynocologist said it was possible that I could still get pregnant from that last time, but that it was too early to tell by ultrasound. My period came last Friday and lasted for two days with average flow.


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It's my first experiens, I've been taking a part in a contest. If you like my pregnancy foto, please, push "5" in this place

I realy need your encouragement!
Thank you!

I Saw My Baby Last Week!

My husband, Andy, and I went for our first check up on Oct. 5th. They did an ultrasound and said although I was 9.5 wks (according to my LMP) the baby was measuring crown-to-rump length of 8 wks 3 days. The heartbeat was a strong 160 bpm and everything looked great according to the doctor. The gave us a due date of May 16th, 2010 (if we carry to 40 wks), our first year wedding anniversary!

Another beginning

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I'm pregnant! Again! This makes the fourth time. Only 2 kids at home though. Our missing son Joseph, passed at 30 weeks.

Our family just wasn't complete. Friends and family will think we are nuts. But it's what we wanted to do.

I'll think about things more. Right now I wanted to get started documenting this baby. This could be our last, I want to remember it.

Names right now.

The though of James Newell sounds good. This has been on and off our list. It's hard since we don't love the name Jim.

I can't believe it. I'm pregnant. We got pregnant in our second month TTC. We were prepared to have to wait a year or more. Okay, so I wasn't digging the idea, but right when I got used to the idea the test came back positive. Twice. Then the nausea came, and the tiredness. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. We haven't told very many people, just a few family members and friends, they are itching to share, but we want to wait till the first doctor's visit so we can tell them how far along we are or when we're due exactly, because now I'm just kind of guessing.