The Second Little One

I've never written a blog before. I am almost 6 weeks pregnant with my second child. I decided to write this because I wish I had an account of my first pregancy. My son is 13 months old so it wasn't that long ago that I was pregnant with him, but it all feels so different, and it is difficult to remember. I wish I knew what I was thinking then.

Surprise, You're Pregnant!

Wow. Talk about a big surprise. My hubby and I have 3yr old twins and an 8month old baby. All our children were conceived with fertility treatments. We were told we couldn't get pregnant on our own. Now I'm 6 weeks pregnant and freaking out!! Four children under 4 years of age is going to be alot to handle. Anyone else out there who has gone through the same thing??? I'm looking for all the advice I can get!

Dream Interpretation

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Dear Ms. Ultrasound,
Just a little background quickly, I have three kids with my husband. When our youngest was born, I had my tubes tied. I was told before I had it done that because I was under the age of 26 or 27, that they wouldn't cut/cauterize my tubes, but they could clamp or tie them.

I am one to write down dreams that stick out to me. So, when I woke up one morning back in December, I had to write down the dream that I had the previous night just before waking up.

Ultrasound and Dream Accuracy

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Dear Ms. Ultrasound,
I was delighted to find you when I googled dreams and ultrasounds.

I have two children and with each child I dreamed what I was having and all my dreams were correct. With my daughter (first child) I thought I was having a boy but had several dreams where I saw a girl and sure enough I had a girl. With my son same thing, had a dream he was a boy and boy he is.

If only they knew

I really need to get off this website and get my mind to a better place. I'm sitting here all alone at 3:29 in the morning and because of this website all I can think about are my poor little angels.
A month after my last MC my sister and her husband decided to start trying. I was so much more OK with this than anyone in my family has ever been with any of my pregnancies. I want to be happy for her and in my own way I am. I also can't help but feel like a green eyed monster.

Am I?

So, here is my situation. I'm 27 (28 in 3 weeks but who's counting?) and I have had 4 MC. My last 3 were back to back spanning from November 23rd 09 to February 14th 09. I went through a round of blood testing to find out if the problem is me. Everything came back normal except that I am hypercoaguable which means my blood tends to clot quickly. My then Fiance already had a 1 year old daughter, so the likliness of it being him are lower, and my ex-husband and I were both going to be first time parents with my 1st MC in 07.

Maternity Clothes for Before, After and During Pregnancy

Don't want to spend two arms and a leg on maternity clothes you can only wear for a few months? The good news is many designers now make maternity clothes that are fashionable enough to wear throughout your pregnancy as well as after. They are designed to look like regular pre-pregnancy clothes with a little more room where you need it -- in the bust, belly and waist.


Dear baby,
My last menstrual period was on 15 jul 2009 and today is 17th Aug 09, was supposed to get my period on the 13th- am 4 days late!! took a home pregnancy test and lo ! shows a faint positive band !!! he he he am pregnant!!
the only symptom i have is sore, enlarged boobs!! my boobs ache even at the slightest touch and they are heavy as sand bags!! ah and i have a lot of yellow vaginal discharge.
Raghu seems cautious, poor guy, i know is HAPPY but doesnt know how/ what to show his emotions! He's taking good care of me.