happy but....

Wishing that my husband was as excited about this as I was. I wish that he would talk to me about it. I hear him talk to others a lot about it and he is great at quoting the "godly" advice he gets from others. But doesn't remember that I mentioned that already too. I do know he will be a great dad and he has said that he is more excited about when the baby is older that the whole baby thing is just not that exciting and I can see that I guess. But it still makes me sad and feel lonley when he tells me all the stuff that other people say but when I talk he does not hear me at all.


I think I'm having a miscarriage?! I woke up this morning and went to pee and there was a lot more blood than I feel comfortable with!! It was thick like a period!! I called the doctor and keep getting the voicemail!! What do I do!?! I'm only a few weeks along they figured!?

height and pregnancy

im not pregnant, im 17 and do not want a baby yet but i have a couple of questions for when i do become pregnant:
1. being just under 5ft am i going to have any complications?
2. does being just under 5ft and having a short pelvis mean i would need a cesarean?and are their ways i can avoid a cesarean ?
3. will having a small torso mean i would show sooner?
4. since i have a small torso and legs am i going to be able to carry a baby to full term


The doctor confirmed it - I am preggers. Today I was feeling very crampy, thank god the doctor said that is normal. First ultrasound scheduled for April 22nd. After that the risk of miscarriage drops from 20% to 2%, and then I can consider telling others that I am pregnant.

I'm Pregnant

April 9th is a day I will never forget. I was 5 days late with my period. We stopped taking the pill at the end of January. We had decided it was time to start considering a child. We have not been actively trying to get pregant, but not preventing it either! I had taken pregnancy tests in the past whenever I was a day or 2 late or if I was nauseated, etc. They were always negative. Today it was positive! I am pregnant! I have so many mixed emotions - happy, nervous, scared. We didn't expect it to happen after only 2 months off the pill.

28 Weeks and I Lost My Mucous Plug.

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Dear Midwife,
I am 28 weeks and I lost my plug 4 days ago. I have been crampy, I have back pain and I have nausea real bad. I saw my DR. yesterday but he is acting so calm and like there is nothing to be concerned about. This is my 4th baby... I am so worried that I am in the early stages of labor and I want my baby to be healthy.

My Dr. did check me yesterday and he said that I did lose the plug and that I am starting to thin out but I am not dilated?? Now what??? I am so concerned; please help!

The Second Time Around

I don't know what to feel right now. I am hoping this really is a private blog that only I can see. I need smewhere to write everything out. I am happy, nervous, excited, scared, terrified, hopeful, and everything else. I am annoyed.

We were planning on trying to have another child, just not exactly soo soon. Paul tells me I shouldn't call it a surprise because everyone assumes that means accident. And it isn't an accident. But it was a surprise. He sees no difference in the words. He doesn't see a difference in a lot of words.