I have a tiny bump! :)

It's not much but it's there!! It makes it seem more real. I still can't believe that when I place my hand on my stomach, there's just a small barrier between me and my baby. My baby that's growing inside of me. I have such a strong feeling that there's a tiny girl inside of me too. I have to wait three more months before I know for sure if i'm buying pink elephants or blue ducks and i'm way too impatient. I can't believe some people wait until their child is born. I have so much respect for them because it must be magical to find out after the birth but I couldn't wait that long.


This has been great news since we already have 17 in all singletons 3 by first wife and 14 by second. who says second wife, second best ?! "told ya, I'm fulla beans!!" Tee Hee!! next week we'll be 20 weeks !! already in a car trip with my sister he or was it her, (they're: non-identical/fraternal twins).....gave me such a kick!! Wow, I wonder who's gonna be a soccor player?! (more twins are planned , later in the year!!)

Jenny's baby week 4

I just found out that i am pregnant on 14 Jan 09!! i decided to take a urine test at home before i went to work and it was positive! We have been trying since November, so is nice that we didnt have to wait that long.
I was on the Depo shot for a year and then the patch for two months, so we thought that it would take a bit longer. So this were really good news!

My 8y/o won't talk to me since I told her I was expecting

Help. I don't know what to do. I just informed my family about expecting my 2nd child, my family is being suportive but most of them are less than thrilled... and to top it off my 8 y/o daughter has not spoken to me since. She was so upset she wouldn't even let me tuck her into bed last night. I am an only child as is my mom, so neither one of us have ever been faced with this before. Anybody ou there have any helpful hints? My daughter is my world, I don't know how much longer I can handle her not speaking to me.

1st Appt

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Today is my first appointment. Wonder how it will how work out? My belly is growing, but I hate the fact that's not all's sides and back fat betty too. I've been nauseated and really tired. I've been irritable at times too. The girls are excited though.

...And the Long Nights Continue.

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January 11/12 = another sleepless night. Imagine that. I guess I don't really have any updates right now. Nothing from Steve. Nothing feels weird with my pregnancy. Everything is the exact same as yesterday. I'm still disappointed that I can't do the things I used to enjoy. I'm going to go to as many shows as possible while I can in the next month or two. It should be okay as long as I'm careful about where i stand. I will be. I have five or six lined up, so that should be fun. I can't wait until Wednesday when I move to Greensboro.

Pregnancy Test Dilemma?

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Dear Midwife,
Just a question. I have taken 2 home pregnancy tests and they came back positive. Went to my family doctor and he did a urine test and it came back positive. Made an appointment with my OBGYN and they did a blood test and it came back negative.

My concern now is could the blood test be wrong because I am now going on 4 days late of my period and not for sure what to do. Any advise would be great. Thanks!!