Uninterested spouse

I am just ending the first trimester of my pregnancy. I have been very sick most of the time. This is my third child, but my husband's first. I have two teenage boys from a previous marriage. I am 43. Before I got pregnanat, my husband talked all the time about having a baby and wanting a baby and loved to have sex. Now that I am pregnant, he works late most nights, comes home and goes straight to bed and ignores me. When I get sick, he doesn't even ask if I am okay. He just rolls over and pretends he didn't notice.

Women's Clinic Visit

Today I went to the Women's Clinic and took another pregnancy test. I'm STILL pregnant lol. I couldn't quite remember when the date of my last period was so my round about due date is August 27 2009. I talked to the financial woman and I'm in the process of getting medical insurance. The baby's dad stayed the night last night. Not sure if I want to stick with the women's center or if I want to switch to my mom's gyno. Hmm...I decided I'm going to breastfeed! I dont know...there is so much going on...

Just found out im pregnant

I'm 18 and I just found out i was pregnant yesterday. I took two home pregnancy tests over my friends house and they both came back positive right away. My two best friends were with me and they were sooo very excited. I know that my boyfriend is the father. He'll be 22 in February and I will be 19 in January. I came home and told my family. EVERYONE knows now lol but it's okay because they are all being very very supportive. I have a job interview on Friday at a daycare. Ironically, I'll be working in the infant room. My boyfriend told his mom and she's pissed off.

Armpit Rash

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Dear Midwife,
Two days ago, I noticed a red patch of skin under my left armpit. It is not itchy. I stopped wearing my deodorant - a natural deodorant that I have been using for five months now. What could be causing this? Should I be concerned?