Emotions During Pregnancy

Nic's Nerves - Not through the sickness yet!

Well, I thought that I was through the worst of the morning sickness....but I have been proven wrong! The last few days have left me able to do very little except lie around, sleep and catch up on my xmas reading.

Feeling horribly guilty for my in-action but I'm still terribly happy to be pregnant even if it is tough right now. I'm reasoning that it won't last for ever, and at the very most I shouldn't be this sick for more than a few days, before things start to ease off.

A Very Long Night

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Well, here I am again sitting up at 5:30 am. I understand how important it is for me to get rest right now, but I just cannot do it. I am more tired than I have ever been in my life, but once my head hits the pillow all I think about is Steve. I have not heard a word from him since I told him about the baby. The only thing anyone has even said about him is how he never answers his phone or how he never hangs out with them anymore. I don't understand why basically everyone has just lost all communication with him. Is he really that wrapped up in his new relationship? It really isn't like him.

Anger at husband

Hello I am a 29 year old mother of a 6 year old and i am 12 weeks pregnant with my second child.
I didn't plan on this baby I was done after my son, i had toxiemia so bad they induced me 5 weeks early. He ended up being a healthy 7 pound baby. I begged the doctor to tie my tubes at that time and because i was 24 he wouldn't.
Anyways this pregnancy is so different, I am so angry all the time, I love my husband and I know he has faults but all the sudden i can't stand him, don't want to talk to him, don't want to sleep in the same bed, can't stand to hear his voice. I am hating him for things from 4 years ago wow the strangest moments from our past keep popping up in my head..what do i do?? I am so resentful of the past all the sudden, he cheated on me a couple years back and I had forgave him and moved on but now it is back and i despise him for little things. Like not taking the trash out or not answering the phone when I call or taking to long at the store...How do i get out of this angrer, am i harming this child with my anger level. i also have quit smoking and have no way to relax my stress level's..
Is any of this normal or should i just get a divorce and move on with gulp.. life as a single mom? I feel crazy and i don't trust a word he say's.. Please if anyone has felt this way please write me back. i am not a angery person normally so i am hoping that this is just pregnancy

Nic's Nerves

Our story, is probably not too rare.
My husband and I were married 2 1/2 years ago and decided that we wouldn't wait to start a family. My mother was extremely fertile so I never thought that I would have any problems conceiving. After 6 months I began to feel nervous. After persuading my Doc. to give us the battery of tests that they usually make you wait a year for we were diagnosed with unexplained infertility.

Almost one year after our marriage we found that we were pregnant, and were over the moon. Unfortunately it was shortlived and at 6.5 weeks while on holiday I began to miscarry. I think I lost a large part of my heart that day. It took me a long time to get over it.

Over the next year, we tried chineese acupuncture which helped regulate my cycles and I took a mind body class which helped me get my emotions undercontrol. I began to meditate regularly listening to Jennifer Bloom's fertilty meditations www.anjionline.com and slowly came to a place of peace about our fertility journey.

I've had many thoughts over the past two years. I can't say how many times I've wished that the pregnancy test would just show positive. So many negatives, how hard would it be to have a positive! The month that I got pregnant after the first year, I knew I was pregnant before I checked the stick. My boobs were sore and I'd had funny aches in my tummy. I just new it, the test was just a confirmation.

In November I took a pregnancy test, not expecting any thing extraordinary and there it was...pregnant! I was totally suprised.

The next few days were long and painful, with every twinge I thought that I'd get a late period. I was terrified of loosing this one too. I booked an appointment with my Dr. but couldn't get in for a week. I couldn't imagine staying pregnant for an entire week! My fears were confirmed a few of days later when I felt that my boobs had got much less sore. I figured it was only time before I bled. I sat at work in my cubicle and couldn't stop crying. I had to excuse my self (via email so no one saw me) and went home.

I didn't start to bleed, but I did start to feel nauseus and my boobs got sore again. My Doc. ran some tests and said that my HCG was just fine and doubling on schedule. I was still pregnant.

I was really nervous about passing the 6.5 week mark that had been my miscarriage last time. Unfortunately it came over christmas surrounded by family. I was feeling really sick and would pretty much rather have been any where else as long as I could have been alone.

I'm Ashamed

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Dear Midwife,
Ok here is the deal, I am having so many crazy emotions.

I am a mom of three amazing boys, and have recently discovered that at 30 I am pregnant with a fourth, the emotions come when I start thinking about the sex of the new baby. I get angry at the thought of this baby being a boy. I feel horrible when I have those thoughts but I can't help it.

Depression During Pregnancy

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Dear Experts,
I need some help and I don't know where else to turn. I am 20 weeks pregnant with my first child at age 35 and feel I may have become seriously depressed. I first mentioned this to my OB at about week 8 and he basically blew me off. In all fairness though, it's a group practice and you don't really get to know any of the physicians very well.

100 Promises to My Baby

When I found out that I was pregnant several years ago, it was one of the happiest and most exciting moments of my life. I was awed by the fact that I had a living being growing inside of me. I spent hours visualizing what my baby would look like, talking and singing to her, caressing her, and beginning to plan for our new family.