Emotions During Pregnancy

Pregnancy and Stress

I have an extreme amount of stress in my job. Not just because I am military but because of the different situations I am involved in at work. I find that I am able to de-stress after I get home and away from the office but meanwhile I spend 9 hours a day being stressed and constantly upset. I know that stress can affect the baby but how much can it affect my pregnancy?

I Preg Test This Morning

I woke up this morning at 6:00 am to have my HCG Urine Test otherwise known as pregnancy test. I was very keen on what to do. I almost reread the steps 5X (5 times) just to make sure that I will do the right procedure. When I gain the confidence on what to do, I go to the bathroom and do my thing. In less than 3 minutes, I got the result, it has two lines - it's POSITIVE. I was so excited that I immediately wake up my husband. He was also thrill with the news. Tomorrow, I will visit my doctor to validate my findings. I am so happy!

I think I am pregnant

I was suppose to have my period last February 27, 2010. I am already delay by 11 days. I am married for 20 months now. I haven't bought a pregnancy kit because I want to try it on my second week of being delayed. I will have my test on Saturday, March 13. I have mixed emotions - I am excited at the same time scared. I am just getting the courage from women who have bore a child and raise them. I always tell myself the past 10 days, that if my mom and other moms outhere have done it --- why shouldn't I. I am so happy that I have a very supportive husband.

confused and scared!!

Hi im Naomi im 23 years old, i found out i was pregnant last friday..it was unexpected as i had split with boyfriend. i used the clear blue test and it said i had concieved 1-2 weeks ago, on sunday i was in very bad cramps and light bleeding so i ended up in hospital for tests. i had a scan which showed nothin as it could be 2 early, but my bloods had been repeated in 2 days and they said my hormone levels are low, they had gone up but not to what they expect it to. im so scared and feel so alone...