First Trimester

FOUR home pregnancy tests

I missed my period October 2012. I figured it was because of the visitors (my cousin and his new wife) we had living with us. I figured it was her cycle messing with mine - and of course the stress that I've been going through. I should have my period the first week of the month, so this month when it didn't come I decided to take a test over the weekend. After talking to my sister (stay at home mother of 3 boys) on 11/05, she convinced me to stop at the DollarStore and pick up a home pregnancy test. I caved and did. Picked up FOUR, just to be safe.

Where did all my symptoms go?

So I'm really really pregnant. Baby is in the right spot, measuring the right size and has a heartbeat that we saw. I go back Aug 29th to hear the heartbeat, hopefully. Every twinge and ache I over analyze. I stare at the toilet paper looking for blood. It's been a whole lot of fun. However, I've had morning sickness. Like, bad. The doc put me on Zofran on Friday. I've had it for five days. Today is Wednesday, I wake up...and's gone? Usually I can't wait to gobble that pill down and I even ate breakfast and I don't feel anything. Has me extremely worried.


I'm pregnant again. Found out Monday, July 30, 2012. My period was due on the 29th. I have had no spotting, but I have this weird pain in the site of my ectopic pregnancy. I've had the pain since the ectopic, but it's never been enough to make me seek a doctor. It's still not enough, over the counter pain meds take care of it, but I think since I'm pregnant, I'm super duper paranoid about it.

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow. Probably just blood work and maybe a papsmear.

My emotions are all over the place. I bust into tears for every little thing.