First Trimester

That's IT!

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I have decided that I really don't care what my pregnancy tests say, IM PREGNANT. Why do I have the burning sensation in my lower? Have certain cravings or aversions? Feel slightly natious, feel fatigued so quickly? Have mild back ache, FEEL my uterus doing stuff and then felt uncomfortable when me and my husband were baby dancing?? Or why have I missed my period and why do I feel overwhelmed with hormones, so much that my heart races and I can't sleep even though Im tired!? Screw pregnancy tests, really, I'll know for sure when I start to show!

I am so Excited I'm pregnant and ready for my first!!

I am so excited about having a baby. I once was pregnant before this and had a miscarriage. I was in pain and had to go through the miscarriage naturally. I got no DNC done or any thing that is a horrible thing to go through I would not wish that on my worst enemy of any sort. I feel for some reason this pregnancy will suceed. I am not having the pain like I was with the first pregnancy of any sort I do have some crampiness and some back pain but the doctor says that is normal! please to all my mothers around the glob please pray for me and wish me good luck thank you!!

One for Paxil Lawyers: "My Mom is on Paxil!" A Baby's Cry for Help

First released in 2005, two FDA public health advisories have been issued involving Paxil, an SSRI antidepressant. The warning indicated that women taking paroxetine – the brand name of which is Paxil – during the first trimester of their pregnancy may have exposed their babies to the risk of developing serious congenital malformations, most especially one involving the heart. The second advisory that came out in 2006 warned patients and healthcare professionals on the potential risk of chronic pulmonary hypertension to the newborn.

A new complication.

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Last Friday i rushed to the E.R with a vaginal dark brown discharge, my boyfriend & I were fearing for our angel's life at 11 weeks of pregnancy. I had no cramps no blood just dark brown discharge. The doctor performed various of test on me he test my blood just in case I had to get a shot I turned out to be RH positive, no shot for me! Our worries were still there. The doctor said that my discharge was really dark it was hard to see my cervix. He called for an ultrasound and a vaginalultrasound. The cervix was in fact closed. And the baby was perfectly fine, heart was beating great.

5 weeks

So far, I'm feeling pretty ok. Pregnancy is not what I imagined. I did not realize just how many trips to the bathroom I would be making each day! My "morning sickness" is occasional and usually happens the day after I ate more than I should have. When I'm not in the bathroom or nauseous, I'm eating. In fact, I'm pretty much hungry ALL THE TIME! Oh, and I seem to cry basically at the drop of a hat.