First Trimester


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Ok so we are 5 weeks pregnant. I can't believe it! We have been trying for months on end and then after all the drama and a short split, we have one night of passion well after what I thought was ovulation, and I am expecting! I don't think I have ever been this excited...I guess it is because I know it is most likely my last baby.

I'm 17 years old & pregnant

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It's been 7 weeks since i had my last period and 4 weeks since i lost the next period. I found out today, thanks to a medical test, that i am pregnant. My boyfriend and i told our family right away and although some where disappointed we got a lot of support. We are keeping this angel and we're very excited for the rest of the journey. wish us luck because we know it will not be easy

Baby Number 3

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Okay, so I found out yesterday April 15th 2011 that I am expecting our 3rd baby. I was so shocked and delighted when I looked at that stick! We had been trying for months and months and then almost split up....we worked through our turmoil and differences and had sex one night, way past what I thought was my ovulation date, and here I am pregnant! Insane how the universe works.