First Trimester

Baby Number 3

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Okay, so I found out yesterday April 15th 2011 that I am expecting our 3rd baby. I was so shocked and delighted when I looked at that stick! We had been trying for months and months and then almost split up....we worked through our turmoil and differences and had sex one night, way past what I thought was my ovulation date, and here I am pregnant! Insane how the universe works.

over 8 weeks

So I am 8 weeks and 6 days today based on my calendar. It has been a crazy last few weeks! I am not feeling too bad considering the horror stories I have heard. I have not thrown up, though I have been pretty nauseous here and there, I get some pretty bad headaches which are a little trying, emotions have not gotten too crazy and my breasts are starting to not hurt as much.

My pregnancy

So I took my test on Saturday just because I had the extra one and I was late and suprise it said pregnant! I couldn't believe it! Big reason for that being that I took a test 2-3 weeks ago and the test was negative and now all of a sudden it's positive. The flood of emotions that hit me was incredible! I was terrified and excited and happy and just plain flabbergasted lol.

Apparently clomid rocks!

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Well I am happy to say that following our first cycle of clomid I had my first ever big fat positive (well actually two of them because I'm just anxious that way). I'm very nervous though and anxious for our first prenatal appointment on the 21st of this month. I don't think it's going to feel real until after I see an ultrasound and make sure that everything's okay.

Way Too Much at Once!

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The last few days I have really started thinking about my husband leaving. It is crazy, because you feel guilty letting yourself get carried away with thoughts of being alone. You think, I'm not the only one, or others have it worse out there...but the truth is, we all live our own battles, and trying to shove it away is only making it worse on myself.