First Trimester

It Finally Happened!!!

After impatiently waiting for 14 years my husband and I are finally pregnant! We have tried Clomid 3 different times in a series of a year each with no success. Our last attempt was this past November 2010. After a long disappointing year we decided that we were going to stop trying so hard.I am also Insulin Resistant and was requiring Metformin and Actos daily.

Day twooo!

Welp. Two tests from the hospital brought home from my boyfriend - both showed a line.
That's three positive tests.
Tomorrow is Valentine's I'll hit Planned Parenthood Tuesday (unless I find them open tomorrow) and get a doctor's opinion. That'll make it final and I'll start telling the families!

It's positive!

I guess this would be considered day 1. I'm not entirely sure which date was conception, either Jan 16th or 26th. Jan 16th was also the first day of my last period. I haven't gone to the doctor yet, it's Saturday so I have to wait until after work on Monday to get a second opinion test. The only thing that said I was pregnant so far was a clear blue test.