First Trimester

Another Day Gone By

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Another day has gone by and yet I still have so much to learn before he/she gets here in July. Today I have told my grandparents and I couldn't believe how happy there are for me. My grandmother gave me a hug and they just had these big smiles on their faces. This is the biggest news I have ever told them and I love so much for their reaction.

month of january

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This is my first time having a child, but I have been pregnant twice before. I have two miscarriages last year and as devastating as it was I waited a long while before I got tested to see if I'm pregnant again even though I have all the signs that I am. Finally I found out and I'm almost done my third month. My first two miscarriages never made it to the second month.

When Should I Have My First Prenatal Appointment?

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I found out that I was pregnant. My doctor set me up with a OB/GYN. My OBGYN isn't going to see me right away. He wants me to be at least 12 weeks along before he sees me.

I'm afraid that is a little to long to wait. This is my first pregnancy and I don't know what I am doing. When is the best time to first see a OB/GYN and get my first ultrasound?


Unsure about something

Friday January 7, 2011 I went to the doctors because I was three or four days late and I was not feeling very well and my breast were hurting. I told my doctor that the last day of my last period was December 6th, 2010. My doctor did a pregnancy test and the results were positive. She told me I was pregnant and said she would set me up with a OBGYN.

6 weeks pregnant

Well, it is January 7th, 2011 and I am 6 weeks pregnant on the dot! This is baby #2, ready or not here we go! I'm absolutely thrilled, there's no doubt about it! (Rian's level of 'thrilled' grows daily) I'm living in a constant state of worry, as I know how risky the first 12 weeks or so of pregnancy are.