First Trimester

6 weeks pregnant

Well, it is January 7th, 2011 and I am 6 weeks pregnant on the dot! This is baby #2, ready or not here we go! I'm absolutely thrilled, there's no doubt about it! (Rian's level of 'thrilled' grows daily) I'm living in a constant state of worry, as I know how risky the first 12 weeks or so of pregnancy are.

going to the doctor

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I'm going to the doctor this morning for the first time. I think I'm 6 weeks today. My symptoms are pretty much gone...have been since sunday (Jan 2). Now I really just have weird sensations in my pressure and mild pain sometimes. My boobs don't hurt anymore, but they still get a little swollen in the morning when I first wake up. I'm not worried...too much.

No Heart Beat

I found out that I was pregnant from a home test on December 20th 2010. I started taking tests the first week in December and every time was a negative. My last period was October 23 2010. Today I went into my ultra sound and the doctor told me that I was 6 weeks to date and I am due August 28th 2011.