First Trimester

Miscarriage or Twins?

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According to my last menses I am supposed to be 6 weeks but when I went see my doctor the scan didn't show a heartbeat. All we saw was a large cyst and two dots.

My doctor said that the dates could be wrong as I was on clomid and it could have delayed ovulation. I might be only 4 weeks pregnant but he couldnt confirm anything because he said the dots were too small.

Is Extra Folic Acid Dangerous?

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I've just realized that I have been taking an overdose of folic acid (5 mg a day) for several weeks by mistake.

How dangerous can it be and what can I do for that now? I am five weeks pregnant, have had a miscarriage in the past and feeling nervous about the whole thing, even more now that I realized I've done such a big mistake!

Is there anything I can do?

Thank you,