First Trimester

so far

the first time i was pregnant with my now 1 yr old i had a really low level of the hormone that indicates that your pregnant so they had to draw blood to be able to tell. well with this pregnancy it actually showed up on a pee test. i guess my levels of the hormone vary with each pregnancy . because they always say every pregnancy is different.

First Time Mum: emotional roller coaster

Im accepting my first child in June. Im 12 weeks on Sunday, and it's been an emotional roller coaster.
Im finding that I am very emotional more than what I am normaly, which is normal from what I understand. But Im finding myself being very very homesick, and wanting to go home to my family, to mum. I've been crying all afternoon and still very teary.


Hello out there! I just found out 2 days ago that I am pregnant, probably only 4 weeks along. My life is a roller coaster and at a time where you'd think you would be crying or celebrating, I sit here almost in a comotosed trance, shell shocked. The thing is, I want another child.

Keeping quiet...

It's so weird to have this massive secret that is life-changing for us and everyone around us. It feels like we should tell people. I want to tell everyone. David and I were talking last night and he said he really wanted to tell someone. I said well I told my best bud Jen so you should tell someone. Who could you tell that would keep it secret. He turned to me and said, "My fiance is pregnant!