First Trimester


Hello out there! I just found out 2 days ago that I am pregnant, probably only 4 weeks along. My life is a roller coaster and at a time where you'd think you would be crying or celebrating, I sit here almost in a comotosed trance, shell shocked. The thing is, I want another child.

Keeping quiet...

It's so weird to have this massive secret that is life-changing for us and everyone around us. It feels like we should tell people. I want to tell everyone. David and I were talking last night and he said he really wanted to tell someone. I said well I told my best bud Jen so you should tell someone. Who could you tell that would keep it secret. He turned to me and said, "My fiance is pregnant!

Can't eat meat

I am appx. 9 weeks and have terrible morning sickness and can not stand to eat meat anymore. Can anyone please help me with some kind of way to get protien in me with out getting sick. I am however loving all the raw veggies, especially cucumbers. This is my first baby and I'm going in for my first offical check up in 2 days.