First Trimester


I have to explain why I am so concerned about being pregnant. A couple days after my boyfriend and I broke up I wanted to start taking my medication for my skin, which causes birth defects. Just as precaution I took a pregnancy test... to my surprise it came out positive. (Monday 9th)

Later that night I had a negative test. He treated me like I made the whole thing up!

The next morning a negative test. (Tuesday 10th)

The nurse wanted me to come in for a blood pregnancy test. (Tuesday Afternoon)


morning sickness has not been my freind. i have a thing, where i really dont like being around sick people. well, beyond grossing myself out on a regular bases; i can't seem to find the one thing that works and thats prego poppers. {the sad thing is the best tasting candy i have found is something thats helps with morning sickness.}
in my oppinion morning sickness should be illegal.

Finally a confirmation!!

First, my hubby and I have been trying to conceive for about 3 months. We have two children, girls, and giving it one last shot for a boy. For the past three months I have taken multiple test, always the early detecters, only to be disappointed with negative results and finally down right sad when my period starts. My husband, Shelby, and I were begining to discuss if mabye there is a fertility problem.

8 weeks, 2 days

Well I am 2 months in, and the nausea is starting to go away. It is not a constant thing anymore just an every once in awhile thing. Still cannot drink coffee without major heartburn. Most of my family now knows about the baby and they are all starting to get really excited.

Boyfriends family still does not know, want to tell them together and in person but do not see them all that often. Not sure how they are going to take the news.

Confused and Scared

I think i have the symptoms of early pregnancy but i dont know. I have a mild pain in my right side and some mild pain in my pelvic area, my cycle is not due for 4 more days, i do have some nausea but i get hungery all the time even with the nausea, and i get dizzy sometimes. I need help what could this be, oh and my breast are a little tender. PLEASE HELP!!!

Yoga Sunday

This morning (Sunday, July 25) I attended Yoga in the Park. It's a free, open to the community all levels welcome one hour yoga session. It was a beautiful morning, the humidity has broken and so many people were out and about on the paths.

There was a nice group of people, all ages and all levels. It was nice to have some time for myself for a revitalizing workout. Although I have a pre-natal yoga DVD, I'm looking forward to taking a class somewhere so I can meet other women who are using yoga as a way to prepare the body for the wonderful birthing experience.

Finding Out

Today I took the official test and we found out we're pregnant! I was supposed to take the test during a real dr office visit on Monday, but this morning (Friday) I woke up knowing I had a bladder infection. So, I went to the urgent care clinic. Kinda sucks that I have to start my pregnancy taking antibiotics.

Steve and I got married a month ago on June 19. It sure didn't take long and we didn't have to practice much. Oh well, it's better that way, because it was so hard to wait those three weeks to even find out. We are so excited.