First Trimester

10 weeks

June 24th.

Last tuesday, we went to the hospital to know exactly how far i was in the pregnancy. Doctor said i was 10 weeks !! Surprisingly, we were shocked ! We thought 7 weeks, maximum. !
But we are very happy.
Tears came down on our faces. We saw him/her for the first time. So cute.
Now, we need to tell our families ! The only person who knows by now, is my oldest sister !

My next appointment in on the 29th to see the doctor.. to know more of what to expect and what to do, since this is my first time being a mom-to-be.

Waiting Welton's

Today, we went for our "early ultrasound" as we did not have a precise due date. As we waited to see the technician that would give us our first glimpse of our developing bundle of joy, I could feel the pressure in my bladder building by the minute. Once in the ultrasound room, the technician explained what was about to happen. She explained that she would have to apply lots of pressure to get a good view of the fetus. I figured, "short term pain, for long term gain (i.e. have a defined due date). At first she had difficulty finding the baby, then she spotted the amniotic sac.

10 weeks, first OB appt at 12 weeks...

this is my 5th pregnancy, and I am currently 10 weeks along.
My first ended in a loss at 14 weeks, with hearing the heartbeat at my first OB appt at 10 weeks. My second pregnancy was a little over a year later, ending in the birth of my daughter (now 7). About 7 months after she was born I got pregnant again, ending in a loss at 12 weeks. That was in 2003. In Jan of 2010 I found out I was pregnant again, and lost it in Feb of 2010.

2 months

well it's may 30 i just hit my 2 months i am so excited still having cramps though but thats what my hubby is for he rubs my belly for me so it will feel better you know for being pregnant for the first time i didn't think i would have pains cause my other sisters didn't but everyone is different im just super excited cause we have been trying for 3 years and its finally happened well thats it for today.