First Trimester

Too soon to tell

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Well, I just found out I was pregnant yesterday. I have had 2 miscarriages so far, both of them in the first 10 weeks. Every time I go to the bathroom, I expect to see blood. I want to be excited, but I can't. I'll just get heartbroken again. I know I'm not the only one out there, but I just wish I could carry a child. I hope this time is different....

hcg too high??

hi there i was just wanted to see what you guys thought... my wife and i went to the baby doc on 4/16, we only saw sac and he was worried bout the little area on top left of sac,and the sac larger then what it should be, turning into a miscarriage? he asked my wife the symptoms she is having, and she told him then he said he's not worried bout a m/c.. he thinks it could be twins, he thinks this gray area could be another baby on top.. he had us do blood work that day and on sunday 4/18.

It's so unbelievable

All he ever said was that he wants to marry me...I saw him on few occasions eating raw eggs with his cereal and sometimes with yoghurt...and i thought thats a bit potent...and we have been umping like crazy rats/rabbits...LOL!

I am 7 weeks pregnant this is my second baby...i never had issues with my first who will soon turn 3 in june...but with this one i find myself dizzy and this morning i have had a runny tummy...been to the loo for almost 5 times already...and felt like vomitting all at the same appetite is a bit low.

My new baby!

so yesterday i just found out im pregnant again with my second baby and im so excited i cant wait for my first ultrasound! it still doesnt feel real but i know it is its wierd i guess im just waiting to feel the movements for it to really hit reality haha i love my children so mucha nd i cant wait to be able to interduce my son to his baby sister or brother! its wierd how you cant explain the feeling of being pregnant only the ppl that is prego or have kids know the feeling i love it!!!

date i found out i was prego!

Spotting or AF? Has anyone experienced this?

Has anyone experienced a semi-heavy spotting? As far as right now i am unsure if i am pregnant.I have had been sexually active all last week. Now i might be spotting or i may have my period. However, i'm not supposed to get my period untill the 22nd and i got whatever this is the 14th. It was extremely light the 1st day, heavy the next, and now its back to light and it seems to have stopped. It's also a deep redish brown.