First Trimester

First day in the real world as mom-to-be.

Dad and I found out on Friday that you are really in there. Its really shocking to both of us, and we're not entirely sure how to handle all of the stress that we are sure is going to come from this. But I can't stop thinking about you. I know you're only the size of a grain of rice, but I find myself holding my tummy through out the day. You are going to be so loved and spoiled when you come out to meet the world. I can't wait to see your beautiful face.

confused and scared!!

Hi im Naomi im 23 years old, i found out i was pregnant last was unexpected as i had split with boyfriend. i used the clear blue test and it said i had concieved 1-2 weeks ago, on sunday i was in very bad cramps and light bleeding so i ended up in hospital for tests. i had a scan which showed nothin as it could be 2 early, but my bloods had been repeated in 2 days and they said my hormone levels are low, they had gone up but not to what they expect it to. im so scared and feel so alone...

Holy Crap... it worked!

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Hi!! My name is Ashley and I am 25 years old. This is my very first blog EVER so please be kind.

Over the past two years my husband and I have tried to get pregnant. Oh lord did we try!
I became a self proclaimed expert on the subject.... when to have sex, when not to have sex, what position, what to eat, what not to eat, what vitamins to take, what kind of underwear my husband was allowed to wear, etc (you get the picture)

How to get Pregnant

To give a birth to a baby is a wonderful feeling. It’s like touching the heaven. A woman is completed when he gave a birth to a baby. Some time it is difficult to conceive due to many reasons. If this whole process goes naturally without any problem it’s a good achievement in itself. Most of the women’s don’t know about " How to get pregnantHow to get pregnant". There are ways to help the process along, though.