First Trimester

less worried...

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So according to my prgnancy calandar I am about 6 weeks... could be less.

The night I found out I was expecting I was "shocked", worried, freaked, happy, etc. But more worried then anything.

So far everything SEEMS to be going well, still preganant as far as I know! For me one of my first signs of pregnancy is changes to my breast... sadly I remember waking up at 3:00am last Christmas eve to get ready for work noticing my breast were not "heavy" nor tender... when I got to work after a few hours I had to pee and.... the bleeding started.

Fluctuating HCG Levels

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Dear Midwife,
I just found out unexpectedly that I am pregnant with baby #3. I had my period (or at least I thought I did) the beginning of the month but it was very very light, I never even soaked through a tampon/pad. I originally went to the doctors because I thought that I may be having a kidney infection when the doctor came back and told me that my blood test came back positive for pregnancy.

Casting a Docu-series for Amazing, Pregnant Women! (Ages 18-30)

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I’m a Casting Director in Redondo Beach, California with 3Ball Productions (Biggest Loser/Beauty & The Geek). We are casting amazing, pregnant women (Ages 18-30) for a new, Docu-series. I would love to offer the opportunity to your group members! Contact me for more details.

Caroline Johnson-Stephens
Casting Director
3Ball Productions




Low Fetal Heart Rate in Early Pregnancy

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Dear Midwife,
I had an ultrasound last week when I was 6 weeks pregnant. We saw the baby, yolk sac, and heartbeat!! However, the ultrasound tech was concerned that the baby's heart rate was low, 86. She said this can be normal early in pregnancy and will hopefully pick up by the time I have my follow up ultrasound in 1 week.

I am trying not to worry, but I know 86 is a very low number. Is there any hope that this can still be a viable pregnancy? Is it true that it can be normal to have a low heart rate early in pregnancy and have it pick up?

Thanks! Smile


Are you interested in prenatal yoga?

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7 Weeks

So I just found out I'm pregnant about 2 weeks ago and I applied for insurance and I am waiting to hear back from them so I can make my first doctor's appointment! I'm not having very many "discomforts" other than some cramps every now and then and I cant get enough sleep! I am a very healthy person so I am certain that I will have a healthy pregnancy, but I have one concern...I smoke and I have greatly reduced how much I smoke since I found out. I used to smoke 7-8 cigarettes a day and I am down to 2 a day now. How do I quit?