First Trimester

Information Overload

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Dear Midwife,
Hi! I have looked through the multitude of questions, but have found none quite like my own. I have recently found out that I am 9 weeks pregnant. I asked my doctor about diet and exercise (I am in good shape and exercise a lot) to which his response was to change nothing.

I am not the healthiest eater but I'm thin. I go to websites and friends and all I hear are "the first trimester is the most critical, make sure you're..." from eating more frequent healthy snacks, to slowing my exercise, to no heavy lifting. I just don't know where to begin.

Morning Sickness with Toddlers and Baby

Here I am at 8 weeks and the sickness has kicked in full force. What is really difficult, is trying to manage the sickness and fatigue while still taking care of 3yr old twins and an 8 month old baby. Exhausting doesn't seem like a good descriptive! My husband is a teacher so he's back to school this week. Now I'm really on my own. I think the worst part is the guilt of not being able to give the twins and baby my full attention and myself at best...with energy and a willingness to play, teach and enjoy my kids. All I want to do is sleep or cocoon myself on the couch!

my little gremlin&1st blog ever!

well my first blog ever. cool... well im going to consider this like a journal in which many of them i keep.Im 22 years old,i live in pennsauken NJ which is 10 mins from philly where igrew up. um its looking like it doesnt correct my grammer on here so excuse the lower case i's and lack of periods.ha no pun intened.nyways this is my second pregnancy, my first child who i concieve 1 yr ago passed away when i was 18months pregnant. it was devastating. i am young but i knew from then on that this is what i wanted in life.