First Trimester

My Son is 11 Months Old and I'm Pregnant Again!

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Dear Midwife,
I have an 11 month old son and last month my husband an I decided to start trying for another so they would be close in age. We had no idea it would work the first month. I just have so many questions.

My first pregnancy was perfect. He was 4 weeks early but no problems or anything of that matter. I feel like I'm ready to take on the role of "Mother of two" but I am also only 18.

Our families disagree that we shouldn't be having another child because it is too soon. But I want my son to learn to share before he goes to school.

Long Distance Pregnancy

No one ever looks forward to a pregnancy alone. A pregnancy holds so many experiences to share with your loved one. We would all prefer our partner to be there every step of the way. However, becoming depressed and dwelling on your loneliness won't make the situation any better so during instead, try some of these tips on keeping busy and staying positive.

Pelvic Rest: Getting Your Partner on Board

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I'm 12 weeks pregnant and experiencing some complications. I've been put on pelvic rest. How do I get my husband to understand that it means nothing can enter? The rest is till 13-14 weeks so there are another 1 -2 weeks yet.

I don't really have the interest in sex right now either. How can I convey that so he understands?



I have been under alot of stress the past week. My brother moved in with us because my parents dcided that they can't deal with him any more. He has been causing stress for my husband who currently got laid off. It's all dumb to me...

My husband doesn't like the fact that my brother isn't like his sister was when she was living with us... she stayed to her self and didn't want to hang out. My brother is the exact opposite he is a social bee... he needs to be doing something constantly...


Was finally able to get out and exercise tonight. Not sure if it is because I had a good dinner, or the temperature is finally a little cooler, or if I'm hitting the point where I get my energy back, but it felt good. My legs got a little itchy, which seems like a good thing. Something always seems to itch after a good workout. Glad I took the dog, since he is never boring, but we had a close call at the dumpster. I had no idea he didn't like them, and he nearly ran me into the corner of it pulling on the leash to get away. I have a couple scrapes on my hand and arm but should be ok.

Progesterone Levels Dropping

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Dear Midwife,
I found out I was pregnant last week. My first OB appt is next Monday. This is my 3rd pregnancy. I miscarried at 4 weeks with the first and at 6 weeks with the second.

Naturally I am very nervous about this pregnancy and so I have been trending my own HCG and Progesterone levels since I found out I was pregnant. My concern is the the Progesterone level seems to be decreasing slightly each time I check.

I have listed the levels and the dates each was drawn below.
7 Aug 2009: HCG 662.3 Prog 33.8
10 Aug 2009: HCG 2346.0 Prog 30.5