First Trimester

Trip to Ketura

2 days away from home at Kibbutz Ketura. The bus ride was soooo long but thankfully i didn't feel too nauseous or had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the ride.
The night was the most special part, i felt that I wasn't alone, that i was guarding you. and you we're obviously taking care of me too, I never dreamed of the miracles that came with your coming.
My body feels very strange, almost like it is not my own, like i am some sort of carrying vessel.

What Can I Do About Constipation During the First Trimester?

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Dear Midwife,
I am in my first trimester; about 5 weeks now. I am experiencing bad constipation! I have tried everything from fiber cereals to Metamucil and drinking plenty of water. It feels like nothing is working. I have used enemas in the past and they have worked.

Can I use one now to relieve the pain? Is this safe for the baby?

A strange new journey


My name is Melissa & I am currently pregnant with my first baby! My husband & I are over-joyed with the news. I have pollycystic ovarian syndrome & didn't think I could get pregnant easily, but it took just two months!

I am about 8 weeks along & am having a bad day. Morning sickness kicked in about 2 weeks ago. That has not been fun. Foods I used to love I can't stomach anymore & I never know what Im in the mood for. Nothing tastes the same as it used to. I don't enjoy eating right now.

Just Starting

well, my first entry. I'm feeling weird, but i don't know if it's really because of the pregnancy or just "normal feeling weird"... my belly's swollen almost all the time, but i keep thinking i'm just fat Smile
i felt very weak all afternoon and slept a lot, i hope i stop doing that cause i don't feel good afterward.

Doctor's appointment is on Wednesday, i don't think i'll really believe it's happened until i don't get his confirmation. Its seems unreal to me that baby can be so developed by now.

Irregular Yolk Sac

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Dear Ms. Ultrasound,
I went for my first ultrasound yesterday and I am about 7 weeks pregnant.

When I asked if everything looked ok the lab tech said yes but it is too early to really say. She showed me the heartbeat and sent the results to the doctor. I went home worry free.

Today I got a call from my doctor saying that I had an irregular yolk sac. She said something about it being thicker than normal. I asked her if I should be worried, and she told me to have another ultrasound.

Is there any more information you can give me about this?


Slapped Cheek Exposure during Pregnancy

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Dear Midwife,
I am a teacher and there is a child in my school who was diagnosed with Slapped Cheek (parvovirus).

How wary do I have to be if there are any cases near to me? How do I know if I am immune?

Also, if there are children in my class with it (or chicken pox etc) should I go home too to avoid infection completely?