First Trimester

An Incredible Journey Begins

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So here I am starting out on this incredible journey. If anyone with some more experience then me wants to give me some pointers, feel free to throw them my way! I cannot describe the joy of feeling life grow inside of me, and I aim to give a fairly accurate account of it as the days go by. Hopefully the cravings won't be too mad, as my stomach has already given me some trouble but with Valentine's Day right around the corner I'm hoping for some good love to occur (while it still can :) and lots and lots of chocolate. Here's to a wonderful pregnancy!


These tests measure the levels of hCG (hormone emitted at the same time as pregnancy) in your pee. The sum of pee each test can recognize shifts largely. The sum of hormone each lady secret would moreover fluctuate, but not as largely. The preferable tests on the business sector will measure 25-50 mIUs of hCG, which is more often than not the product found in pee amidst the 4th and 5th weeks of pregnancy. The levels of hCG in your pee and lifeblood could be distinctive.

i need some advice :(

hello, i am 20 years old and i found out i am pregnant, my mom said i better not be trying to get preg but i am to begin with. i dont know what to tell her. i will be 21 when baby arrives and currently in 1st year of college but i am not giving that up. ill be taking a year off then returning to funnish my course, CAN ANY ONE PLEASE HELP ME ON WHAT TO TELL MY PARENTS MY MOM ESPECIALLY???

i need help please

hello, i just found out im pregnant and i dont know how to tell my perents. my mom especially, she told me that i better not be trying to get pregnant and i wasnt i happen to be pregnant. i dont know what to do,,,, any suggestions?

ps i am 20 yrs old and ill be 21 when baby arrives. currently in college and doing good. not giving up on college.