First Trimester

First Trimester Abdominal Pains All Day Long

I am roughly 10 weeks pregnant and I feel nauseous and bloated and continually have slight pain in my abdomen all day long. I feel pain when I bend over, or sit cross legged; it seems I can only be comfortable when standing or lying completely flat.
I have had a miscarriage before, and this is my second pregnancy. Is the abdominal pain normal?
And should I be taking certain vitamins to avoid miscarriage?

Dream of a Boy in December

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Dear Ms. Ultrasound,
I am currently six weeks and five days pregnant. My husband an I found out on Friday, April 9th that we were expecting and that our due date was Dec. 7th The Monday before, on April 6th, my father in law had a dream that we had a boy that was born in December. This was a full three days before we even knew we were expecting.