First Trimester

Painful Constipation in Early Pregnancy

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Dear Midwife,
I am 8 weeks pregnant second child. I woke up this morning severely constipated. I went very white and was sweating profusely. I have never experienced this before. It took almost two hours of agonizing pain before I finally had a movement. Now I am afraid to go to the toilet again in case of reoccurance.

Please can you help me? I am really scared


8 week scare

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Yesterday was our RN intake appointment. Lots of counseling, handouts, labwork, etc. We made it through in one piece and I received the best news possible - I'm allowed to eat turkey sandwichs! I have been building the perfect one in my head for the last month and yesterday I finally got to eat it. It was a dream come true. :)

At the appointment we were talking about symptoms and how I was feeling and if there were any signs of trouble. Nope, things are good. Most days I can eat okay, constipation seems to be coming under control, mild cramping but no spotting...until afternoon.

Revolving symptoms

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Last week morning sickness hit and I spent the weekend laying on the couch watching TV. I consumed roughly 500 calories on Saturday and another 3-400 on Sunday. I was desparate. And then all of a sudden, dinner on Sunday I feasted on 4 slices of pizza. And I didn't stop eating until today (Wednesday). Today I'm feeling a little off. My oatmeal didn't taste quite right. And my boobs are not as tender. So, now I'm freaking out that my sypmtoms come and go and that something is wrong.

What a roller coaster ride this has been so far.

Hang in there little blueberry!

Well... now what

Well... now what? What do i do know? I found out that I was pregnant March 1st. At that time I was living with my boyfriend, the father, and we were as happy as can be. even though we were not married we were still wanting to add a new member to our family. It is now a little over a month later, and I am living in a different state with my mother fighting every day with him, my emotions, and the pains of the first trimester.