First Trimester

Yeast Infection Medications During First Trimester

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Dear Midwife,
I am currently 8 months pregnant. I was looking on the internet about treatment of yeast infections and have seen many articles that say medication should not be used in the first trimester. I am really worried.

When I was 6 weeks pregnant I my doctor prescribed a cream for me to use internally. Could this have hurt my baby? Would problems have shown up on my 5 month ultrasound? Was this safe since it was prescription? Thank you for your help.

No Gestational Sac at 6.5 Weeks

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Dear Ms. Ultrasound,
My wife is now just at 7.5 weeks pregnant. She had a trans vaginal ultrasound last Friday which would have been right at 6.5 weeks. We are absolutely sure that she got pregnant on Feb. 24 or 25th as I traveled a lot and we didn't see each other much other than then. I'm worried because when we went for her scan they didn't see anything at all.

Welcome symptoms

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Well hello there pregnancy symptoms. I have a little timid with this whole pregnancy thing since I wasn't feeling queasy and I didn't have that 'tell-tale' sign ofsore boobs. I spoke too soon. Today I am 6 weeks and that appears to be the magic number. My morning decaf mocha, disgusting and revolting. My morning yogurt snack, repulsive. I accidentally hit myself in the boob and let out a yelp that startled the dog. Last night all I wanted was meatloaf; today just the thought of it makes me crave a saltine.

New Mother in Need

So I am offcially pregnant!
After 4 faulty EPTs i went and got a pack of Clear Blues and within 1 minute that ever so amazing yet scary word popped up "Pregnant"
I'm a soon to be mother who's younger, a recent beaty college gradtuate, and a soon to be bride (in July actually). We didn't plan to have a baby,truth be told we have been planning to wait but slippped up 3 times, and BAM we are going to be parents. I could use ANY advice from ANYONE on financial recomendations, cheap wedding and baby shower ideas, and most of all advice on how to raise a child in this day and age.