First Trimester

Gaining weight while pregnant??

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I am pregnant with my first child! Not sure the sex yet. I am a few weeks, I just found out earlier this week. I have read many articles about you should only gain 25-30 lbs when pregnant. I am 5"11 and I usually weight between 130-140. It fulucates. I feel myself eating alot sometimes without meaning too. My husbad has said that the weight you gain while pregnant is very hard to get off!! I need help bc I'm not sure what to doo.. The right things to eat. etc.

My first aversion...a sad tale

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I peed on another stick tonight...yup, still pregnant! 5 weeks and the poppy seed is now a sesame seed. Over the last couple of days I've been a little stopped up. Not such a pleasant picture, but it is what it is. And one of the things that causes problems. Dairy. This spells trouble and despair. I love dairy. I drink more milk than anyone I've ever met. It is my beverage of choice. In an attempt to make myself feel better about this wicked turn of events I had a piece of chocolate. Gag-o-rama. Chocolate AND milk?! Seriously?! There goes my mocha and hot chocolate.

Today is overwhelming

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Ah, how I missed the roller coaster ride of hormones that comes with pregnancy. Yesterday I couldn't have been more excited, yet today I'm a ball of stress on the verge of tears. Where are we going to get the extra money for another mouth to feed? How am I going to keep working at the veterinary hospital where chemo and x-rays are a part of my daily routine? How will I deal with a 15 month old and a newborn at the same time?

Keep it to yourself lady

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We spent a few hours at the bookstore this afternoon. Reading books for expectant fathers and all sorts of terrifying things for mommies. The thought of some of those 'symptoms' is kind of unnerving. And then of course, here I sit panicking that if I don't have that this must all be an illusion. I don't know when I will really start to believe all of it and be confident. I know that I'm pregnant; I just wouldn't mind 15 medical professionals telling me that as well! Back to the bookstore.

Pregnancy Symptoms Are Mild Opposed to Before!

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Dear Midwife,
I am so worried, this is my first pregnancy. I am 23 years old, my lmp was Feb 9 I am 6 weeks, due date Nov 16.

My problem is, I only had frequent urination, hungry fast, and breast tenderness and soreness, now it seems to be that they are fading.

Before I couldn't touch my breasts now I can with out pain. I used to pee almost every hour now I go with in hours. I am worried. Slight cramps but no bleeding.

Please please tell me what can be wrong. Is this normal and can these symptoms come and go.

Negative Test but still NO PERIOD!!

Aight so i got my period in february on the 17th. I know that there is only 28 days in february but i was thinking that i would get my period on the 17 or 18. I didnt get it, so i took a test and it was negative. So i thought maybe it was to early to test. So i decided i would wait till today 22 and see. I used First Response test and it still came up negative but no period. Can you tell me something. I dont understand why i havent gotten my period and its still saying negative. I am thinking about just going to the doctors tomorrow and getting a blood test.

Round Two - a 6 month old and one on the way!

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So I took a test last week the day my period was due and it was negative...I held out for a week and retested. Drumroll! The two pink lines appeared and catapulted us into panic mode. We have an almost-6 month old, we just moved from Connecticut to Florida, our family lives three thousand miles away and only one of us is working at the moment. After the initial shock, we started to think rationally about how in the world we're going to do this.