First Trimester

Hmmm, these pants are a little snug

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Today I am 'only' 4 weeks and 4 days. I can tell my body is adjusting. The stereotypical symptoms aren't there i.e. morning sickness, tender breasts, etc., but my body is definitely doing it's own thing. I am gassy (I cannot seem to go more than 30 minutes without checking out my surroundings). I am discovering a completely different kind of tired. Having run a marathon before I will tell you there is no similarity; this feels like general flu-like fatigue. I HOPE that it never reaches marathon fatigue...but I fear that it probably will. Not a matter of if, but when!

Worried About Bleeding During Pregnancy

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Dear Midwife,
Yesterday I went to the e.r. because I've been bleeding for 2 weeks, prior to which I'd been about a month and half late. They did some tests and came back and told me I'm 6 weeks pregnant. Not that I'm miscarrying, but that I'm pregnant. Is this normal?

I just don't understand why I'm bleeding. It scares me. They want me to go next week to try and get a heartbeat. I don't really "feel" like I've miscarried. I feel pregnant.

Is this really happening?

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We've been waiting for 3 years to see 2 lines. I had resolved myself to the what I deemed a fact, that we just would never get pregnant. That I would never see 2 lines on that damn stick. And yet yesterday I did. It was such a shock that I carried that stick with me to pick up my husband. And I handed him the stick that I had peed on less than 20 minutes ago.

Two lines. Clear as day, there were two pink lines.

And today, just in case, I took another test.

Two lines.

Hello little poppy seed. Smile

Possible Vanishing Twin

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Dear Ms. Ultrasound,
I'm 6 weeks pregnant and went for a early ultrasound at exactly 6 weeks. I was told by the Dr that there was two sacs visible; one larger than the other which had a heartbeat of 107bbp. The other sac was slightly smaller with no yolk or heartbeat visible. The Dr told us to not take it too seriously as it looks to be like a vanishing twin.