First Trimester

Hmmm, these pants are a little snug

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Today I am 'only' 4 weeks and 4 days. I can tell my body is adjusting. The stereotypical symptoms aren't there i.e. morning sickness, tender breasts, etc., but my body is definitely doing it's own thing. I am gassy (I cannot seem to go more than 30 minutes without checking out my surroundings). I am discovering a completely different kind of tired. Having run a marathon before I will tell you there is no similarity; this feels like general flu-like fatigue. I HOPE that it never reaches marathon fatigue...but I fear that it probably will. Not a matter of if, but when!

I'm Lactose Intolerant...

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Dear Nutritionist,
My whole family has been telling me that during my pregnancy, I have to make sure that I drink lots of milk, to make sure I get calcium, etc. The only problem is, I'm lactose intolerant. My throat clogs up, and I have severe issues breathing, so milk itself is definitely out. So do I need it? What can I substitute if I do?

Worried About Bleeding During Pregnancy

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Dear Midwife,
Yesterday I went to the e.r. because I've been bleeding for 2 weeks, prior to which I'd been about a month and half late. They did some tests and came back and told me I'm 6 weeks pregnant. Not that I'm miscarrying, but that I'm pregnant. Is this normal?

I just don't understand why I'm bleeding. It scares me. They want me to go next week to try and get a heartbeat. I don't really "feel" like I've miscarried. I feel pregnant.

Is this really happening?

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We've been waiting for 3 years to see 2 lines. I had resolved myself to the what I deemed a fact, that we just would never get pregnant. That I would never see 2 lines on that damn stick. And yet yesterday I did. It was such a shock that I carried that stick with me to pick up my husband. And I handed him the stick that I had peed on less than 20 minutes ago.

Two lines. Clear as day, there were two pink lines.

And today, just in case, I took another test.

Two lines.

Hello little poppy seed. Smile