First Trimester

overwhelmed =/

i'm only 19 years old and just tested positive that i am pregnant. i'm with a guy that is 23 and we are very much in love. we both have very stable jobs and im in school, but i cant help but feel overwhelmed. i havent yet told my mom and im not sure how to. i am so happy and excited to be bringing a baby into this world. is there anyone that could give me some advice? or went through a similar situation? i would really appreciate it!

How many months do I look?

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I don't know, but it seems to me that I look pregnant. I've been noticing changes with the size of my uterus and all of a sudden my breast are really sore. The strange thing about it, is that I didn't think I was pregnant because I've been have my regular period for the past two months. But my belly has been going through some serious changes lately. What do ya'll think? Let me know............


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hollly crap, i just found out this week that im having TWINS.
im soo soo soo happy.
when i first found out i was pregnant, i couldn't believe it and it didnt really feel real to think of having a baby but now that i know im having twins it feels right!!!

growing up, from the time i was 4 until i was in like 6th grade, my bestfriends were twins.
twins run in my family and growing up i always told my friends i was going to have twins because i had wide set hips so i was destined to carry twins blah blah blah


March 13, 2009

Today is Friday the 13th and Doug and I went to my first ultrasound. Dr. Paul wanted me to have it done to make sure it was a viable pregnancy and not a blighted ovam or whatever they call that. I had to have a full bladder and let me tell you how much harder that was pregnant. They got me right in and did the ultrasound. The technician said she couldn't tell me the results but she showed us what she saw. She showed us the uterus, the yolk sack and this little blinking spot inside that was the fetus.