First Trimester

8 weeks and epilepsy!

i have just found out that i am 8 weeks pregnant and i have had epilepsy for 2 years now but i havent had a seizure in months and months and i am not on medication for it either. Will my baby be okay i know the actual seizure shouldnt hurt the baby i think just if i was on medicine but if anyones knows anything please let me know thanks so much!!

Help please

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I am an active duty member in the Air Force and I work in an "Industrial area". I am an aircraft maintainer by trade. My Commander is trying to get to me to work the snack bar, which normally would be no big deal, just wear gloves when you handle the money, right? However, the snackbar is located right next to our tool and hazzardious materials storage areas. These tools are covered in air craft grease, jet fuel, and oil. The snack bar is still in the industrial area and I'm worried about my unborn baby being around the fumes and all those hazzardious materials.

Is It Twins

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Dear Ms. Ultrasound,
I had an ultrasound on Feb. 19th, 09 to confirm pregnancy and measured 4 weeks and 6 days.

The u/s tech that did my ultrasound told me the baby activity was at the bottom of the gestational sac where the white color was, but she said she forgot her glasses and couldn't see well since I was early.


So my husband and i just found out that we are pregnant and we coulnd't be happier. All we do is track the progression of what's going on inside my tummy! My family is excited FOR THE MOST PART but all my mother has to say is how careful you have to be especially in the first trimester! I had a scare with cervical cancer and was worried i wouldn't be able to have babies at all. Of course i know a miscarriage is always a possibility but how worried should i be. i am worried that i will stress myself out if all i think about is if i am going to lose the baby!?

Only a Gestational Sac at Ultrasound

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Dear Ms. Ultrasound,
Hello - thank you for taking the time to read my question. I hope you can shed some light on just where exactly I am in my pregnancy.

My LMP started on 1/6, average cycle is 31 days. I took a pregnancy test the week of 2/9 which was negative then on 2/18 I took another home pregnancy test and it was positive :).

7 weeks with a UTI

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Dear Midwife,
I am currently 7 weeks with my third child. I have a UTI that was diagnosed on Thursday.

The doctor also told me from picking up my other two children I have pulled the muscles in my stomach. I have been vomiting non stop and am having pain in my stomach at the lower part.