First Trimester

Probability of Multiples

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Dear Midwife,
My maternal grandmother had 3 sets of fraternal twins. My mother is a fraternal twin that gave birth to identical twins. My husband's maternal grandmother had a fraternal set of twins. The male twin had a set of fraternal twins as well.

I am about 5 weeks pregnant with my third pregnancy, I am 38 year old African-American female. I have had extreme nausea for 2 weeks, my breasts are VERY VERY sensitive, and my pants are tight.

Here we go again...

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Well, here I am sitting here wondering what exactly my baby is doing & how he/she is growing thus far. I didn't think that I could get pregnant again as I was told by my dr that I had a syst on my ovary(found out when I was diagnosed with pneumonia), was devastated as I was hoping to have had one more before I retire my womb for good. I have to admit that when I found out I cried because of the fact I already am feeling the "old" thing kick in as I will be 41 by the time that this baby is due, and tend to overthink what could go wrong because of my age.

another baby

i took 4 tests and the all said the same thing another kid the two i have are enough for me i love kids but 3 at home 4 on the weekends thats too much for one person to handle i feel overwhelmed stressed compleatly not ready how do i tell my boys my family i dont like feeling like this blessing is really a curse but things are finally falling into place i have a savings and this isnt want i want to spend it on what about my five year plan what am i supposed to do now i dont have time for dr appts i need to work i wanna scream and cry and ............

Boy at 10 Weeks? Is It Possible?

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Dear Ms. Ultrasound,
Yesterday my wife and I saw her OB/GYN and he made an interesting observation while doing an ultrasound. He said he wasn't positive, but it looks like the baby is a boy. She is only 10 weeks it possible? Looking at the ultrasound (and we have pictures) there definitely is a mass in between the baby's legs...