First Trimester


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Dear Midwife,
I am nearly seven weeks pregnant, over the last week (not every day) I have noticed only when wiping after a wee, a thick discharge, white/yellow in color and only a small amount. I have had no pain or cramping and discharge does not smell. I am paranoid about miscarrying to the point me and my partner haven't celebrated the news yet?

1st Trimester Ultrasound Dating

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Dear Ms. Ultrasound,
Hello! Was hoping for your expert opinion regarding ultrasounds. Is it at all possible that a 9-week gestational age per ultrasound could be off by two weeks? (And I am not confused as to the "missing 2 weeks" in calculating gestational age.)

Basically, in mm or cm, how much bigger is an 11-week pregnancy compared to a 9-week pregnancy?

Thank you!

Vitamin-B stopped my morning sickness!

The first couple of weeks since I found out I was pregnant were horrendous. I was fine until I found out but as soon as I knew, I started feeling sick! Not just in the morning - all of the time! There were days when I couldn't even get out of bed (apart from to be sick!) That is until I started taking vitamin-b! I read that it can help nausea so I thought i'd give it a go. I found that the best way to aleviate my sickness was if I took it at night, that way i've been waking up feeling fine! Smile I still feel sick whenever i've eaten a meal but it's significantly less!

Six Weeks

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Hit the six week mark today. Like clockwork, also got my first bout of proper morning sickness a few bites into my orange. About halfway through it though I felt all right again, so hopefully it will stay as mild as that.

Belly is about 30.5" around at this point, pretty close to normal, especially after I've just eaten something.

Nipples are getting tender which makes it a bit difficult to sleep. Really not wanting to get out of bed the last couple mornings.

The trials and tribulations of making a new relationship work while pregnant.

My name is Hailey, Iam 26 years old and just recently found out Iam 8 weeks pregnant. It was definitley unexpected as me and my boyfriend have only been together for a few months. I was on birth control but was also taking antibiotics so low and behold, Suprise! Dont get me wrong, this is a good thing....the man Iam with is incredible and we have hit it off from the moment we met (one of those made for each other stories!) He is extremely supportive and loving and is ready to dive into the whole commitment of "parenting".

Nic's Nerves - Trying to find peace.

I was talking to my hubby a couple of nights ago and I told him that basically, I was going to be neurotic and paranoid for the first 12 weeks of this pregnancy and that everyone would just have to accept that that is the way things are. He sounded really surprised "But why?" So now it was my turn to sound surprised (how could he not know why?!?!?) so there was a touch of sarcasm in my answer.

Is Metformin safe during Pregnancy?

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Dear Midwife,
Hi, I am 25 years old and I just found out on Jan 8th that I am pregnant. The thing about it is that they could not find the baby.

Three years ago I lost another child through miscarriage and I am scared about the light pink color when I wipe myself. Granted it is not there everytime but I am still worried and slight pain on my right side.