First Trimester

3rd pregnancy

Well it seems like I'm pregnant again. I may admit to no-one but myself (and here, which seems suitably anonymous) that I am a little ambivalent about this one. Not that I'm not excited and thrilled. Just unexpected and I had other plans for the immediate future. It seems ludicrous but I strived pretty hard the last 6 months or so to lose 30 pounds so I could get myself a much needed breast reduction. Ah well, the plans of mice, men and Cassandras, right?

Nic's Nerves - Not through the sickness yet!

Well, I thought that I was through the worst of the morning sickness....but I have been proven wrong! The last few days have left me able to do very little except lie around, sleep and catch up on my xmas reading.

Feeling horribly guilty for my in-action but I'm still terribly happy to be pregnant even if it is tough right now. I'm reasoning that it won't last for ever, and at the very most I shouldn't be this sick for more than a few days, before things start to ease off.

Abnormal 9 week Ultrasound

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Dear Ms. Ultrasound,
We just had our first ultrasound yesterday after hearing our baby's heartbeat earlier in the week. The ultrasound tech noticed what she called a rather large "fluid pocket" near the lower spine (see the attached picture). Neither the doctor nor her had ever seen anything like it, but they told us not to worry (that these sometimes come and go spontaneously) and to come back in two weeks.

Large Yolk Sac, Low Heart Rate?

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Dear Ms. Ultrasound,
I had my first ultrasound yesterday (Jan 7) and I just came from the doctor's office. My last period was Nov 10, which would make me LMP 8w2d, but I know I ovulated late (Nov 28) because I was artificially inseminated on Nov 28/29.

The ultrasound showed my yolk sac was 6mm, which is apparently larger than the normal range by 0.2mm and the heart rate was 109bpm which is just a little low of the normal heart rate. She said these numbers wouldn't matter if I was over 8 weeks, but the ultrasound dated me at just over 6weeks?

Well the doctor was wrong again!

I'd been heartbroken when my doctor told me in November that i'd find it hard to concieve. I found it so unfair given that i'd never felt part of a family. I thought i'd never know what that felt like, I felt defeated. Every time I saw a child, I felt like i'd been punched in the chest. So when the stomach cramps began, I awaited that monthly reminder of how useless I was....but it didn't come! I'm naturally very thin so didn't think anything of being a few days late but when those few days had stretched to eleven, I thought something was wrong.

18 and Nervous I Could Be Pregnant

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Dear Midwife,
I'm 18 years old and I'm a little nervous as to what's going on with my body.

My bf and I had unprotected sex on December 27th. I forgot to take my pill that night and didn't remember until later the next day. Ever since I've been spotting and had really dark dark blood maybe? coming out. We've had unprotected sex a few more times since then.

Finding out I am pregnant!

It was December 2nd, I had bought many of pregnancy tests before but they were all neg. My finace was at work and I was bored and all I could think about was how nice it would be to still have my baby boy. I had a baby boy on December 27,2008, his name was Xyler and he was such a beautiful, happy baby boy. June 19 at six months old, the lord took him from me. Xyler died of SIDs and my world came crashing down.RIP Xyler, mommy, daddy and your big brother all miss you dearly! I think it is a bleasing that god gave me a gift of pregnancy around what would have been my sons first birthday.