First Trimester

A Rollercoaster

What a rollercoaster! I cannot recall a time that I've been so high strung and full of tears, anytime throughout my life.Everything makes me cry regardless of if its relevant or not. Chetan's been so supportive and patient with my mood swings..I am blessed. And I also thank God that we have visited the dr...our's is Dr Preeti..nice lady. It was amazing looking at the tiny heart beat on the 26th of December. And a relief to also have the knowledge that one of Chetan's good friend's wife is 4 months preggy while his cousin's wife is in her second month.


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Dear Midwife,
I found out I was pregnant recently but have had pains in my right side. I went to the Dr's who sent me to the hospital straight away, they took bloods which were 400hcg(14dpo). They then had bloods taken 40hrs and they had tripled to 1227.

Second time around

It's been a week since I found out i was pregnant with my second child. It's weird this time around. I am so busy with life that i barely focus on the pregnancy like i did with the first one. i feel kind of bad. my husband and i are not having any other children after this one and i need to find a way to get in to it because its the last time i can ever revel in the "i just found out i am pregnant" feeling.

first blog

Well I've known for almost 2 weeks now. I've been sick since thanksgiving. I can;t seem to keep anything down. And when I do manage to find something that doesn't come back up, I get diareah. I've been soo tired. My boss is noticing it at work. He says that I've been "moppy" I don't feel like I'm getting any nurishment to not only myself but the baby too. I've been to the doctor once on the 8th and that was just to test. All they did was have me pee in a cup like I didn't do that twice already at home. I have my first real dr appointment on the 23rd. It seems like so far away.