First Trimester

Pregnancy Fitness Routine

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Dear Fitness Expert,
Hello, I just found out I'm pregnant (not my first) and am not sure about a fitness routine. After my last pregnancy, I worked out six days a week very strenuously for about a year, but have fallen out of my routine the past few months.

How much can I do now that I'm pregnant? I've also gained some weight back, and really want to keep my weight gain during pregnancy under check.

Staying Slim During Pregnancy

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Dear Nutritionist,
I'm 42. I used to be overweight but managed to lose a lot of weight a year ago. Now I'm pregnant but I wish to stay slim. I intend to continue jogging and aerobics classes and limit my food intake during pregnancy in order to keep my weight down. I have a busy career and often rush meals. I drink a lot of coffee at work and a cigarette accompanies most of my cups of coffees. What nutritional advice can you give?

Lifting During Pregnancy

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Dear Fitness Expert,
Hi. I'm not sure yet if I'm pregnant or not but I have the symptoms of being pregnant. I have a question about lifting. I work at a place that requires lifting boxes sometimes and I was wondering what weight level would be safe to lift without hurting the baby if I am pregnant?

Also, what kind of foods can one eat during pregnancy? What kind of exercises are recommended during pregnancy? Thanks for your time and attention.