First Trimester

My Pregnancy

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Today I'm not feeling to well haven't been feeling good for a while since my pregnancy (not that I hate it or anything). Well yesterday I was spotting and cramping and today i'm still doing the same I thought that it was gonna pass, but I believe when I get the strength I will take myself to the emergency. All is gonna be okay, I just wanna make sure the little one is okay as well as myself (we're gonna be okay GOD is so GOOD). Well i am about to end so which us luck I LOVE me and my little unborn child so muuch!! (smiles)

My Pregnancy!!

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My body is going through so much since even before actually knowing that I was pregnant. I been down lately dealing with personnal issues far as dealing with my pregnancy and it's hard. I always try to keep myself up and do the best that I can always. This is baby #4 for me and it's shocking because I'm only 29 years old on my way to being 30. I wish I was much more happier then what I am at this moment and time. But with my strength from GOD he will pull me through. I"M SO DEPRESSED!! But hey I will get through this ALWAYS!!

6 week torture begins

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Oh boy, here we go! I hit 6 weeks yesterday and here it came. That famous pregnancy nausea. I always feel like I'm getting gypped on this issue because with #1, I had 0 nausea. Not even a hint. I threw up 3 times and that was in the last trimester from eating spicy food with heartburn. I thought morning sickness was a myth propogated by the power of suggestion.