Lighter Side of Pregnancy

Naming Nuances

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This is my hubby's first baby, my third. He is thrilled, obviously, to finally have his own. If it's a boy, it will be named after him, Francisco Ramiro Rodriguez III... the baby being the fourth. However, if it's a girl (my first girl), he wants to name it something I abhor: Adrestia Patience Rodriguez. Ugh!

Waiting Welton's

Today we went to the hospital to have a second ultra-sound and some blood work done. My fiancée made plans to go into work late, again, so that he could be present for the fascinating "picture show". There was lots of questions and paperwork, and Kris really wasn't thrilled with sitting through all of that, but as soon as they put the jelly on my belly he was in a trance. He stared at the monitor, waiting for the "show" to start. When the ultra-sound machine touched my belly, there was a quick arm movement from baby.

Name Ideas?

Hi! I just found out that I am expecting third Smile I am really blocked for a baby name this time. Does anyone have any good ideas of a good baby boy name that goes with the last name Box??? It's a hard last name to find a match with!! Thanks for the help Smile


How is the birth control pill taken and how effective?

The pill is either administered on a 28-day or 21-day cycle. The 28-day pill is given for

each day of the period, 7 of which are really just ‘filler’ pills (placebos) containing no

hormones. The purpose of these placebos is to ensure the woman is maintaining the correct

schedule of doses. In the 21-day pack, there are 7 days a month in which you do not take a

pill, and the woman must remember to resume the dose schedule after the 7 day break. In the

last week of the dose schedule there are no hormones ingested, allowing a menstruation which